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The Day in Review

BBC America should rename their Thursday line up Stars Who Got Their Start Here Before Becoming Filthy Rich in America. I've watched pre-'House' Hugh Laurie on 'Black Adder' and caught pre-'Frasier' Jane Leeves on 'The Benny Hill Show'.

Damn ABC for making me all sad and teary once more. I never realized how much I'd miss Peter Jennings until he was truly gone. writteninstars and I were discussing how we grew up watching the man. Seriously, besides immediate family, he's probably been one of the biggest constants in my life. 6:30pm there was Peter. Breaking news there was Peter. When the event could speak for itself there was Peter sitting silently. He was so damn good at his job. I think it's safe to say he was the Walter Cronkite of our generation. ::tears up again::

Well, I'm sure many of you are aware of the drama that occured on LJ today. I debated on saying anything and by the time I got around to getting my thoughts together everything that should be said was and the person had left LJ and fandom. My gut reaction to it all was immense sadness. I understand the anger of those who had their hard work taken without permission and used in a manner that they never intended, I'd have been the same way. But, what really hit me about it all is having to face the reality of losing all the relationships you've established. Considering I've told my friends to tell me if I start going overboard on the Apollo worship and they readily agreed ;), I don't think I'll ever face the same prospect. If anything pissed me off about this, it was the lack awarness and personal responsibilty. I know if one person posted here tearing into me in regards to some supposed offence, I'd blow it off. Hundreds? I'd listen. (Accept if you're Lee/Kara shippers of course ;p )

On a happier note, I found the key to getting along with my co-workers: cheescake! I made one today for a co-wrokers birthday (she doesn't care for chocolate and it's the only non-chocolate dessert I know how to make) and *everyone* raved about it. The birthday girl almost never takes seconds and she did today. I still have a few issues to work out perfecting the recipe including mastering of the spring form pan. And remembering to keep flour on hand so you don't have to get dressed again and run to the grocery store at 9:00 at night.

I watched VM again. Definitely better than last week. Next week I'm assured there is kissing. Kissing is good. :)
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