Asta 2


The podcast for tonight's episode is up. When I checked first thing this morning my choice became download or be on time for work. Guess which won. ;)

TV Guide's site has a clip up which they say is for tonight's episode, but, in fact, is for next weeks. It ties in with the spoilery pic/headline that ran in the TV Guide and, again, is very spoilery. Also, the sound/video is screwed up so if you do look don't think it's your computer.

Once again, if any one has the Biography channel and is interested in seeing Mr Bamber pre-'Galactica' the episode of Poirot he appeared in airs Sunday night from 9-11 est. Here's the description:

Agatha Christie's Poirot - 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd'

Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot is jolted out of retirement when his neighbor, wealthy industrialist Roger Ackroyd, is murdered. Suspects include Ackroyd's grasping sister-in-law, chauffeur, parlor maid, personal secretary, and adopted son Ralph, who suddenly disappears. David Suchet, Philip Jackson, and Jamie Bamber star in this 2-hour adaptation of Dame Agatha Christie's mystery.

Is it 10:00pm yet???
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I went to go see the TV Guide clip last night. I AM WEAK. Did you watch it?
So I'm unclear, are you a James Bamber fan or something?

Yeah, as I was launching my iTunes I downloaded the Podcast last night before going to bed, and also was trying to watch last weeks Fargate so I could erase it. But I only saw 30 minutes, and Claudia was in rare form, so I decided to keep it.

I'll let my mom know about poiriot, as she loves the show
You've missed the past obsessions. This isn't any big deal. Besides, his Dad's from Michigan, I have to support one of our own. :)
Roger Ackroyd is an odd choice to film, depending on how they handle it. Do you know the book? It's famous for... won't spoil you, but let's catch up after you've seen it.
Do you know the book?

What are these book things you speak of? ;) I have no idea about the story accept what was in the blurb on the Biography site. I have no doubt I will be posting thoughts after I see the ep. Because, ya know, it's like Bamber 24/7 around here. ;-)
I'm glad I've been following your Bamber lust. Not only is there the whole "how do you actually measure metaphorical drool?" challenge, which I find mentally stimulating. But because of you, I now know why he looked so damned familiar from the get go. I watched the Horatio Hornblower stuff the first time around on PBS.