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I don’t recall any spoilage in this pod cast, but I also found it the least interesting to listen to thus far. Not to mention, frustrating. While Lee’s having his big scene recording the propaganda speech do we talk about the his motivation as well as Zarek‘s? No. We discuss the problems with filming in a meat locker and why they couldn’t.

I did find one thing interesting in this discourse involving the significance of showing a meat locker and it’s contents. Apparently, after Laura complains about the cold, Lee points out how safe they are and that the meat locker is the most heavily guarded place outside Galactica. Off of her confusion he was to point to rows and rows of beef behind her and how it was the last in the universe. RM liked the significance of this - that everything they had is now either gone or in short supply. Long story short, it was too cold and complicated to film in an actual meat locker, hence we got cold storage.

For the first time on the show the ‘A’ story took place on Caprica and it was the most controversial story they had tackled thus far. For more on some of RM’s reasoning behind his statement, check out meret‘s recap of the pod cast. No sense in us duplicating stuff. Besides, I’m lazy and will take shortcuts where I can. ;)

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting a little tired of hearing in RM’s commentary that we can just fill in the blanks thus giving them an excuse to take shortcuts on screen. I’m alright with this to a point. For instance, I didn’t need to see the scene in which we see a tarmac littered with dead cylons and pull back to see Sharon with gun in her hand walking towards the heavy raider. As soon as that thing came flying over head (hello, she’s the pilot) I knew it was she who had a hand in acquiring it. But asking us to just accept a supposedly important new relationship with nearly zero build-up is another story.

There were grandeur plans for the relationship between Anders and Kara and he concedes that only a remnant of relationship remains in screen. Originally and presumably earlier on in the season, she was to meet up with someone from the resistance, become heavily involved, fall in love, and then he was to be torn away from her, perhaps even killed. But, they didn’t have time with everything else they had planned. So, they had the relationship play out in the cut in between the two episodes. We can just fill in the blanks. OK, fine, then in my canon Lee and Laura had sex in the week they were on the run together. :p

Kara can just fall all into bed with Anders or anyone I would suppose because that’s what Kara Thrace does. Lee will be thrilled to hear that.

Hey, I realized there was nothing about the changed intro. L

It was determined early on that Adama shouldn’t come back exactly as he was before he was nearly killed. His emotions would be closer to the surface now. Things he had held down for years would come forth whether he wanted them to or not - emotions would burst forth. (Like Adama throwing the clipboard in CIC, something he never would have done before. It’s an emotional outburst not generally associated with Adama.) This ’new’ Adama will continue to be present for the rest of season.

The magazine by Kara’s bedside was suppose to be part of the plot later in the ep, but was dropped.

When Adama is questioning Tyrol, he is also questioning himself. How could he be that wrong and not see what was coming? Sharon’s life and death will be a ghost that will continue to haunt them both.

There was some insight into Laura’s decisions. Laura’s use of the scriptures is a tactic, however she does believe they hold some literal truths. There will be consequence of actions she‘s taken. She‘s opted to make herself a spokesperson of the gods and eventually it’s going to come back and bite her in the ass. She chose a tactic of the moment to get her through the crisis, but it will have larger, more profound implications morally, spiritually, ethically down the line. I didn’t consider this spoilage since many of us have been speculating she can’t assume the role of prophet and not have it affect her presidency and the fleet in some way.

RM talked of biological reproduction and what does it mean to be a person. The cylons are unable to fill the role as biological people which is troublesome to them because it makes them something less then us and they are determined to figure it out. Interestingly, when he was discussing that the cylons have multiple types of experiments currently going on he mentioned that some of the farms were using men.

He mentioned the Sharon/Helo experiment working too well because the cylons didn’t count on love cutting both ways. One thing I hadn’t thought about is that it seems they used Galactica Sharon in order to entrap Helo. The cylons, via her interaction with him, knew an attraction existed. When he remained on Caprica, they sent in Sharon #2 to see if they could get him to fall in love with her.

RM admitted that the scene with women hooked up to machines was heavy handed, over the top, and cheesy. He’s not happy with it, but he OK’d it since he felt he needed that type of scene to convey what was going on.

Color me confused as to RM’s knowledge of human anatomy. He claims that Simon took some of Kara’s ovaries. Um, women only have two. I’ll hope he just misspoke and he meant they took one of her ovaries. Anyway, the experience leaves her damaged (again!) and changed.

When Kara tells Anders ‘I’ll come back‘, she means it. Rats. Let me guess? He’ll return later this season. Kara will haul him back to the fleet so we can have some quasi unrequited love triangle with Lee. Anders will die horribly at some point I’m sure (or, ya know, be a cylon ;) and Kara will have her heart broken again and be unable to love for another two years. If in the interim we get the whole Lee/Laura thing I won’t be bitter. No writteninstars , I won’t let it go. :p

ETA: OK, I saw something interesting posted on a community and had to get my tape out to take a closer look. Near the end of the ep, as Kara and Anders are walking away to talk privately, check out Helo and Sharon in the distance behind them near the vehicle. They're hugging! I've said it before, I'll say it again, Helo is so whipped.
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