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I now have 62 icons uploaded. 28 contain images of Jamie Bamber. Yeah, go ahead, say it - does "addict" or "obsession" work better for you? At least I diversified and picked up some Archie icons. In my hunt for said icons I also came across a, color me not surprised, HH slash community. Um, not that I might be looking at that or anything...

'Alias' Puts Trust in Getty

LOS ANGELES ( The changes at ABC's "Alias" keep on coming. Former "Pasadena" star Balthazar Getty is joining the show, becoming the series' third new cast member in a month.

Getty will play Thomas Grace, a new agent on the APO team who brings experience with deep-cover missions for other parts of the CIA.

"Alias" has a history of periodically blowing up its premise -- and did so again at the end of last season -- and adding and subtracting characters. But the three additions since late July -- Rachel Nichols ("The Inside") and French actress Elodie Bouchez are the others -- represent an unusual concentration of new blood It may be necessary, though, to drive the show's plot after the upheaval that closed last season, when Vaughn (Michael Vartan) revealed to Sydney (Jennifer Garner) that he wasn't who he claimed to be, just before a car crash.

Bouchez will play Renee Rienne, an international criminal who has secretly been aiding Vaughn for several years. Nichols is set to play a CIA analyst who works with Sydney, who's now pregnant (as Garner is in real life).

In addition to the short-lived FOX drama "Pasadena," Getty has appeared in TNT's "Into the West" and the USA Network miniseries "Traffic." His movie credits include "Ladder 49," "Shadow Hours" and "Lost Highway."

I'm about to say (well, type) something I never thought I would....I give up. Seriously, I'm at a loss here. The reason I watched the show was first, the writing, and after that took some bad turns I still had Jen and Michael, but where are they in all this? I'm not faulting Jen for getting pregnant, I'm just having major issues with how it's being handled. I saw Rachel Nichols on 'The Inside' and, imho, she is a large part of why the show got axed - no talent and no charisma. Now we get Balthazar, who I haven't seen enough of his resume to judge his ability, but if Rachel is the Syd clone he's obviously the Vaughn clone in all of this. There's no question in my mind that Jen and Michael are bailing after this season. ABC said they were 80% certain this would be the last season. But, now, I'm seeing JJ's desperate attempt to try and keep the franchise (I use the term loosely) going. Have we learned nothing from Chris Carter?! Argh and Damn. I really hate it when my shows get ruined. Yes, I'll stick around for the premiere, but, beyond that it's looking grim.
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