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OK, stick a fork in me, I'm done. I'm also in shock. The story going around is that Michael Vartan has been fired from 'Alias'. He survives the car crash only to die in episode 2 or 3. They filmed Vaughn's funeral yesterday. For MV's sake as well as my own I'm hoping this information is false in some way. I mean, I've seen recent interviews with him and others talking about where Vaughn's character might be headed in the coming season. Now we are going to have Syd losing another fiance tragically and having to deal with single motherhood too??? I'm at a loss. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't think Chris Carter did this kind of hatchet job on 'The X-Files'. On the 'Alias' boards I'm seeing folks swearing they are done with the show. Not just because of Vaughn being killed off, but that in getting rid of another star (not only is Greg Grunberg leaving, apparently Mia Maestro is going too - had not heard about that onw) that this is no longer the show we know. If everyone keeps their word and stops watching, I'm not so certain ABC won't pull the show before it's run ends.
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Hmm, I don't watch the show but I read some Alias fic lately, so I payed more attention to Alias related news. The latest info re MV I saw said that he would stay.
That's the info I saw too. That he'd be around for this season at least. Which, by most accounts, this season was to be the last so this is just inexplicable to me.
I did some more digging and found this site with the news on their main page in their latest entry (no spoiler warning). It's not an official web site but they seem to pretty certain that this is the current state of affairs.:-(
I saw it first on LJ and than went to the boards. I think it was the SD-6 board that had a post from a reliable source. I'm not saying it's 100% certain, but it's not looking good unless ABC steps up and kills the story.
The Vartan-was-fired story has been making the rounds since the beginning of the month, if only on the gossip colums [Wrongda said something about it, so did Ted Casablancas]. I didn't took much notice until every spoiler source on the SD-1 boards started confirming it.
I never listen to Wanda AKA Ms Wrong Most of the Time. But, when reliable spoiler sources jump on it it takes on the air of legitimacy.
Ouch! I hate when ABC screws with a good formula for a show!

Yeah I was having problems getting into the show per the last few eps, but this ain't good news.

BTW love your icon. Where did you retrieve it? I may ask to "use it"
I'm not ready to blame ABC yet, I have a bad feeling it may not be their doing.

The icon I found at the 'House' icon community. It's totally shareable. Just make sure to credit Ibilic. Now, I can use the icons I wanted to when posting but feared they would give away the spoiler since most people know how I feel about MV.

Thanks I needed that laugh so very much (icon you wanted to use)

Cool in the icon, I'll snag and credit accordingly
I'm not sure what can be said about this. If its true then, WTF? comes to mind. And I'll second your opening sentence. I don't think I can carry on with such an altered cast of characters. The show was definitely showing weak spots the last couple of seasons and I can't see how sticking a bunch of new people into the mix while shedding the established characters will help.

I give up.
I just saw the news, and what you're saying about Mia Maestro's departure makes more sense of the new casting. But, yeah, it seems like a complete turnover of characters, and I have no interest in seeing that.
It's not as if I can't come to accept and care about new characters - Farscape is a perfect example. But, cast alterations were done gradually and over time so we could adjust to the new dynamic. This just feels as if it's being shoved doen my throat.
It seems like there's a lot of behind-the-scenes crap happening with the cast, and when that drives the storytelling, rather than the other way around, it's often bad news. Farscape was able to pull of Virginia Hey's departure--to spin gold from straw, really--but that was just one character, and one who'd been functioning increasingly on the periphery.

It's possible that a totally new direction and a bunch of new cast could give Alias the opportunity to revive itself. But having seen the way Bad Robot handled story opportunities for the past two years, I'm not optimistic. I might be giving the show more of a chance if it weren't for that, but as it is, I was barely tuning in anyway.
I'm flummoxed. I have no idea what to think of this right now. I'll have more to say later.
Okay, I've thought about this some more and here are my tentative first thoughts and they all assume that these rumors are true /end disclaimer: I'm not opposed to a complete re-working of the show. It's been done before in regard to storyline and setup and worked beautifully i.e. the takedown of SD-6. I'm definitely not opposed to Mia Maestro leaving. I mean, I was never overly enthused about Nadia anyway. I don't mind additional people being on the show as long as they're well-written and acted and *interesting*. I never found Nadia interesting at all. When she was on screen, my mind just sort of drifted.

Now let's discuss Vaughn and Michael Vartan. I like MV. I like Vaughn. I think Vaughn is an integral part of the show. Do I believe that the show could survive without him though? Yes. Now, don't kill me just yet. I am saddened that MV has been fired. I never like to hear about people being fired...unless I hate them. ;-)

Vaughn has always been a major character obviously, but major characters have left other shows and those shows have been reinvigorated for it. There is a chance that could happen here. I'm not holding my breath, of course, but it could happen.

In conclusion, I'll miss Vaughn, but this doesn't ring the death knell for Alias for me. A few episodes in and I'll decide whether bad casting/storylines ring that knell.
Wow. What have you been drinking? ;) I've just lost all faith in teh show. I was patient during season 3 and 4. But, now, with such a massive cast overhaul (including one actress who can't act), a baby storyline, and one of my TV boyfriends leaving, I just can't muster any interest in watching. I'll watch MV's episodes, but after that I'm gone.