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Thank God It's Sci-Fi Friday

TV Guide has the sneak peak up for tonight's ep which happens to be the same clip from last week that they shouldn't have had up. I figured I already watched it about a dozen times, so no need to do so again. I am excited about tonight's ep though because I think there may be some very good Apollo stuff after he was woefully underutilized last week. ;)

I see this weeks podcast is posted *and* includes commentary by producer David Eick. It will be interesting to get a POV other than Ron 'No It's Not All About You' Moore's.

BSG went back into production this week. I'm preparing myself for scheduling conflicts and Jamie and James having to cancel appearing at Dragon*Con. In case you haven't heard, Nathan Fillian and Summer Glau have both had to cancel which I know is quite upseting to some.

I have to say I love DeepDiscountDVD's prices, but their shipping? Seriously, are they using pack animals? Because my Profit DVDs shipped two weeks ago and arrived yesterday. :(

And now with business out of the way, I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday! to keswindhover. I believe she's one of the first LJers I had the pleasure to chat with outside of posting and she's an absolute delight. Hope you have/had a great day Kes. :)

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