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A Few Fargate Thoughts

I had to finally use the 'Fargate' term since John Cameron was talking about fricken wormholes!

And, OK, math and science were my worst subjects in school yet I knew both how much of what they were saying was utter crap and what the plan was going to be to get out of this long before the braintrust did. If I was Vala, I would have gotten the hell out of dodge too.

Speaking of, who thinks Vala survived traveling through a black hole? Please don't rush to respond. I will miss Vala muchly. Why can't she be a permenant part of the team? She saved all of their asses not to mention warned them that they were being taken for a ride to begin with.

I did like the basketball game though. There was something really adorable about them all hanging out like that. Plus, hot, sweaty men - never a bad thing.

OK, I'm noticing an interesting pattern with BSG. Shots that are used to promote the show do not necessarily appear in the show. Sometimes they are absent all together or, if you watched the clip on the TV Guide site and caught the quick previews used during SG-1, you'll notice that they are two different takes.

Only thirty more minutes to what I hope will be the best Lee ep yet. :)
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hey, anything can happen in scifi. that's why i like it. if traveling through a black hole means vala will be back, i'm all for it. i fear for the entertainment value of the show with claudia gone. come to think of it, though, i was a little pissed at how everyone treated vala during this ep. was it because sam was back? they can't be nice to one chick at a time? dorks.

fargate indeed. cam is getting more john-like, wormholes and all. it's not a bad thing.

my theory is there was actually a third john copy made; he travelled back to earth, changed his name, joined the military, and voila! he finally found his beloved wormholes. that's my story, i'm sticking to it.
My theory is that the writers are from the set design group, as the show seems to have group enter a set, stop recite dialog, and move to another set then continue dialog. Dialog seems to be moving them to new sets not moving the story along.

But I ramble....
The treatment of Vala was rather bizzare. She's tagged along on missions numerous times now and at the beginning of the ep she's hanging out with them on their down time. Yet, Sam's back and she makes that comment about not being part of the Stargate Gang. Hey, that gang couldn't put their four heads together and see what they had to do. To make matters worse, she 'died' no one seemed to care.
Yeah even I was put off on how the SG1 team was all busy reading the lines the writers gave them they were too busy to notice the audience was leaving the command deck the same time Vala was.

It was a lame out in my opinion.

Sorry if I'm sugar coating this too much.
Don't sugar coat. You can say that this was brought to us by sucks and blows. I thought at least Daniel would have shown a sliver of remorse when they believed she was dead.
Yeah was his fainting spell because she was away from him or because he realized she was dead? That needed better explaining.

They are blind on that show on how to do things right.
I agree with the sugar coaters. I was most disappointed to see not one bit of emotion from Daniel about her leaving. I was sure he cared for her, even if he did find her incredibly annoying.

Also I flipped when Crichton Cameron said "Here's the thing." It sounded so like his "Here's how it is" that came at the beginning of every ep of Farscape!!

I've already resorted to waiting for the fast download of SG-1. It's not worth the disc space any more!