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'The Farm'? All is forgiven. And though i've already said it twice this! I think I'll need to watch it a couple more times and then spend about three hours on my post.
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I figured you'd like this one and, twas, indeed of the grooviest.

::sails away on the good ship K/L:: toot!
I'm still firmly on the L/L ship, but even I appreciated the K/L stuff. He made up for being a bit of an ass with trying to be her friend. And, at this point I think the "I love you" was meant in that way. Neither one is ready to admit any deeper feelings yet. Heck, that can't even talk about what just happened to them.
My favorite moment was the hug when he first saw her. That was honest emotion uncluttered by the baggage both carry.

And he comforted Laura, so all the shippers had a moment.

I'm not really on board any one thing, and I like everybody, so I can appreciate all the ships.
Soon after the kiss we get the 'bringing in the trash' comment. Ouch! but she did just bring in the same model that tried to kill his father. It was telling that they both have a lot of baggage to deal with. Same with the later scene. I think he's making the best attempt he can to reach out to her, but she can't bring herself to share. They've got a long road ahead of them.
"we get the 'bringing in the trash' comment"

Yeah, that was painful, but as we see later, he's still angry about her leaving to begin with, which arguably set the whole chain of events, including Adama's being shot, in motion. He was so happy that she was safe that he forgot about it for a minute, then it all came back.
I believe the "I love you" was said out of friendship as well. He said it without thinking about it whereas, if he could manage to get any deeper feelings out, he would have had a much harder struggle saying it. The whole scene though was huge. I think Kara needed to hear the words. To know that they are OK and can begin to move on. And for Lee who did act like a bit of an ass earlier (though, I can't really fault him given the circumstances), telling her he's there for her and is willing to listen was his way of saying 'I'm sorry'.

The Laura/Lee dynamic continues to become more fascinating. And I love the political intrigue surrounding them. Baltar really is VP in name only. She's made it widely known now that Lee is next in line of authority (which, yes, will change a bit once the fleet reunites). And I may have read more into it, but from Zarek's minion's words I'm wondering if there is suspicion that their relationship is more than political.

I'll have tons more to say later after I get some much needed sleep. I've only watched the ep three times in four hours! ;)
I just wanted to give Dee a big hug, bless her! As happy as I was with last night's ep, I can't wait to see next week's!
Not reading. Not reading. Not reading.

Am downloading. Will return with waffle as soon as I've downloaded the right ep. I was downloading Wanted for some reason....
Hope you don't mind me barging in here, but I just wanted to echo the forgiveness for the farm, because this was top form.

Er, also do you mind if I friend you? I'm keeping track of Laura/Lee friendly journals (but not in a mad stalker way, I promise) and I enjoy reading your thoughts about BSG in general as well. Let me know if that's problem.
Friend away! I've seen you around LJ enough to know you are sane.....accept for the L/L shipping. ;)

I actually saw some minor L/L shippiness in 'Home', but refrained from delving into it because I did feel it more important to discuss the Kara/Lee interaction. And many of the L/L scenes emphasized the strength as a politcal force which I found intriguing. However, I loved how Lee went to comfort Laura after Elosha's death and I noticed how on Kobol when Lee and Kara walked by her she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of him. ;-)
I've seen you around LJ enough to know you are sane.....accept for the L/L shipping. ;)

I often worry that it might be the first sign of madness. And then I think that it's too fun a delusion to worry about. :-)
ITA about the I love you being said as a friend, and for the same reason. He wouldn't have said it so casually if it was the big declaration. While I think they'd be great best friends, I'm not so sure they could make it long term as a couple or not.

I'd have to be delusional not to see some UST there, but I'm still not seeing that they are destined to be together.