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I’ve had a very long day mixed good and bad things happening and am now exhausted. Please excuse if this is a bit more choppy than usual.

This was David Eick’s first time writing a full teleplay. Color me impressed.

The show has to ask the network if it’s OK to make a two parter. Color me surprised. Apparently they only had an ep and a half of material and next week will enlighten us as to what the ‘filler’ was. They could have trimmed the material down to one ep with it being plot driven, but then it would have been missing the character interactions which is what the show is about.

What we are seeing is the culmination of the season one arcs. In the future, we’ll seem more self contained eps (like season 1) and some new arcs.

The Kiss was Jamie’s idea. DE was writing the scene while on the set during shooting for ‘Fragged’, Jamie was reading what he was writing over his shoulder, and said either “I should kiss her” or “We should kiss”.

Once again, way too much talk about the creative process instead of discussing what was on screen.

The ‘walnut scene’ was the result of an off handed comment by RM during a meeting for ‘The Farm’.

Baltar and Six were not in the original script - they forgot about them! So, RM inserted the scene we saw. The general gist was Baltar looking at humanity and realizing he’s not part of it/them anymore. (Sidenote: I don’t think RM is implying Baltar is anything other than human, but that his growing ego is separating him from the mere mortals.)

Roslin has no problem saying whatever she has to to a cylon to achieve her goal. This concerns Mary McDonnell as to how the character comes off. She does not want her portrayed as duplicitous. But, the writers feel it important to see the president do some ugly things.

Elosha both lived and died repeatedly during the writing process - as did Billy. There had to be a cost in blood and it was felt important that Laura needed to personally pay a price. It’s easy for her to give orders; she needed to deal with the consequences. Eventually they felt it should be Elosha to die because a chapter of Laura’s life would be coming to a close.

Had Elosha lived they envisioned her stepping to the forefront later on - being manipulative and pushing a religious agenda. She’d try to force Laura to make certain decisions and attempt to influence the direction of matters pertaining to the fleet.

The replacement CAG was representative of Adama trying to move on. While he’s everything you would want the CAG to be, he falls short. In an early draft of the script, people were killed because of Birch’s actions. During the refueling sequence, the collision was to be devastating resulting in an explosion (and more bodies flying through the air). And, apparently, one of my fears - that the incompetence of the CAG would lead to Adama’s decision to reunite the fleet - was, in fact, how the ep was written. Adama’s motivations were changed in the editing room. Ultimately, it was decided that they wanted a more heartfelt reason to push him to act. If you watch the ep again, pay close attention to Adama as he walks into CIC to witness Birch’s docking attempts. Dee is walking in right behind him. This is because she was following him back *after* their meeting.

I do find it funny that they were also fearful of making Birch too big a screw up. Er, I think they did that anyway.

It was humorous hearing RM and DE discuss the Zarek/Meyer scenes. In terms of the story, they are more resentful of Lee than Laura. But, there seemed to be a concern on how the audience might interrupt the Zarek/Meyer relationship -two guys in leather, prisoners together for year, discussing how close they are. And there was much touching…which was edited out. ;)

They also talked about how Richard Hatch is a consummate professional, always knows his lines, never says a word if they go for periods of time without using him, realizes how a little of his character goes a long way…OK, he’s not bad mouthing you anymore you can quit kissing his ass. :p

“Brother and sister or two repressed lovers - pick your metaphor.” So, we get to decide how to perceive Lee and Kara. I’m voting for the former. ;)

The Lee/Kara talk was inspired by DK’s relationship with his own wife. They argue because it’s fun and kind of turns you on. Kara’s playing with the ball was out of ‘The Great Escape’. The “I love you” was said almost by rote, but it gives Kara the opportunity to torture Lee about it and make him miserable. J And the writers encourage the actors to ad lib which led to Katee never saying the line “Let me get a pen. I wanna write that down.” but did give us Jamie repeating “You’re dreaming” and calling Kara a “dreamer”.

The actress who plays Dee was sick with the flu while shooting her scenes with EJO. I’d call her a brave little toaster, but that might give you the wrong idea. :p
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