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BSG Ep 7: Home Pt 2

Hey, where are all the BSG posts? It's Noon people! Well, it seems there may have been some downloading issues last night for folks that would explain it.

While I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Home, Pt 2’, I have to admit I felt the episode meandered at times. Then I recalled last weeks pod cast and how RM explained they had an episode and a half worth of material that they had to expand to fill out two hours. I felt that. However, we did get two important plot points resolved. The arrow providing a key to the location of earth and Adama reuniting a splintered family and fleet. There were also some really wonderful character moments. But the stuff with Zarek came to nothing (or were we simply meant to learn that unless the odds are heavily in his favor, Zarek will back down?) and the is she or isn’t she manipulating them with Boomer seemed to drag on.

Adama’s behavior I find increasingly bizarre. I understand how facing death, the loss of his son, and a good third of the fleet would and should inspire him to change his course of action, but I feel as if we’ve missed a few beats somewhere. Or perhaps I’m just suppose to believe he had an epiphany and that they need to move on before they destroy themselves.

I loved his little sit down with Laura. The reaching out to her by calling her by her first name; forgiving her for mistakes - I froze at that point because while Laura did make some errors in judgment, in accepting his forgiveness, she would also accept all the blame and he’s equally responsible, if not more so in my opinion, for the current situation. While she out of courtesy thanks him for the gesture he is making, for he is trying to move beyond this, she makes it abundantly clear that she doesn’t see that she needs to be forgiven. And, given that the arrow does reveal some key information and puts them on the right course, she’s not exactly in a position where she needs to apologize.

What I like about their dialogue is how it brings us back to the mini series and the heart of the matter here. Laura did break her word to him and interfered in a military operation. Yet, Laura quickly points out it’s not the latter that so much bothers him - it’s the breaking of her word or, rather, what he would feel is a personal betrayal and we all know how well he deals with those. He doesn’t deny it either which I find interesting. Even if he still has those feelings, perhaps he’s finally coming to realize it’s an issue he has to deal with.

We also have an interesting little role reversal. Up until now, Laura has been pretty confidant in her decisions, even the life and death ones. Now, upon hearing word from Kara about survivors on Caprica and a resistance movement (Btw, I agree with Kara that they must consider a rescue mission, but her timing for discussion kind of sucks. And I noticed how as she talks of the Cylon plans she left out any mention of the farms, a detail that perhaps would motivate Roslin to act more quickly, however it would force Kara to reveal personal information which she can’t bring herself to do.) Laura wonders if they should have stayed and fought for what they had instead of trying to start over. But, Adama is right in reaffirming her decision - a decision they ultimately made together. They would have all been killed and then what hope would there be? Adama, again, puts a personal slant on all this - this time understandable and strengthening the theme of family - by pointing out that she saved his son. It may be the first time, again since the mini, that we see Adama realize that even though he may bitterly disagree with his Lee, be enraged by his actions, he’s there.

Here’s where I’m going to go into some quasi-shippiness. I didn’t get any sort of vibe from Lee here, but I’m wondering if Laura is realizing that her feelings have moved beyond the political/professional. I thought of all the folks who feel that Lee and Laura represent courtly love with Meyers “All she has left is her young prince.” What interested me is that those who haven’t been around them for months are even picking up on her reliance on Lee. Perhaps it’s just me, but when Adama acknowledged she had saved Lee’s life and she turns to look at him sitting with Kara, I felt it wasn’t just an acknowledgement of what Adama could have lost, but what she, too, would have lost. Sure, she was thrilled to have Billy back (oh, and for the sake of my sanity I’m hand waving his lame ass exit and return), but she was able to push on without him, she never would have succeeded without Lee. And it wasn’t just his military know how, but at every turn he was there to support her.

Speaking of Billy, Adama’s remark about Laura believing he will someday be president cracked me up. No, that would be your son. Does anyone but the audience realize he‘s being groomed for the position?

Lee’s job this week seemed to be more to react than act. And can I say I continue to be amazed by Jamie Bamber and the way he can convey Lee’s state of mind without saying a word. I had my heart in my throat during the Lee/Adama reunion. There was the initial shock of seeing his father before him, the fear as to what he may have to say or not say, wilting a bit under his father’s perceived judgment, and then the utter relief when his father embraces him. Part of me hopes that Adama, on some level, heard Lee’s words - it wasn’t about the two of them - or perhaps has gained a new found respect for his son and how far he’s willing to go for something he believes in. While ultimately I think the bonds of love and family won out over personal grievances, a hug is not a cure all. These two really need to sit down and talk.

The other telling moment for me in regard to Lee was at the end of the episode. I just love the look he gives Laura so full of pride, joy, and accomplishment. Part of me thinks it’s not all just for her. I thought back to his words in ‘Scattered’ and the ‘I did it all for nothing’. Now, he’s seeing that’s not the case. He succeeded. He protected the president and presidency and helped restore the democracy. And while I don’t feel he ever bought into the prophecies, he did believe in Laura’s belief that they would help them find earth. The words on the page may have meant nothing to him, but stars and galaxies are something tangible and something he knows. For the first time Lee may have experienced something akin to faith.

We do, once again, witness some of Lee’s judgmental behavior. Not that I can exactly blame him, but the thought of Helo and Sharon seems to not just bother him, but sicken him. In light of later events, I can’t fault his being a bit snappish with Kara when she defends Helo because he’s good guy and her friend - so was Sharon. Lee’s concerns further (as opposed to farther ;) seem to be legitimized as we see Helo increasingly blindly following his love for Sharon who, in turn, is manipulating that love for all it’s worth. I’m not agreeing with Cally’s execution of Galactica Sharon or Adama’s relative slap on the wrist for it, but Sharon and Helo both being outraged at that turn of events is laughable. Not only did the cylons seek and, according to Six, are still seeking to wipe out the human race, but they have no clue of the other heart ships that have been occurring thanks to the cylons while they were on Caprica. Helo seemed a bit pissed when Adama ordered Tyrol to keep guard on *all* of them outside the tomb, but given what Sharon just pulled to prove herself and that Helo, on some level, knew what was going on, he’s lucky they don’t have them both in restraints.

The Helo/Sharon/Tyrol dynamic should be an interesting one to watch. Tyrol seemed rather accepting of this new Sharon and Helo seemed less then thrilled with the warm reaction Sharon gave him. Though, what memories Sharon has is confusing to me. She ‘knows’ Tyrol, yet I don’t think she has the feelings of love for him the other Sharon did. She recalls serving onboard Galactica, but has no recollection of shooting Adama. Do all cylons have a basic shared consciousness, but only up to a point? Or is some master program (God?) selecting what information is transmitted.

Tricia kicked all sorts of ass in this ep. Her Kara impression was amazing (and anyone else think she looked even prettier without all the makeup and perfectly coiffed hair?) as well as telling. It was only moments after Baltar mentioned Starbuck that she transformed herself into what she perceived was another weakness of his and used that to manipulate his fears and insecurities. I’ve never felt Baltar was crazy nor did I think Six was a literal chip. Off of a line in the mini (which I would need to look up), I‘ve wondered if Baltar was a cylon and at Six’s moment of death , her consciousness was downloaded to him. No brain scan would pick up on that.

Helo and Sharon’s baby is the baby Six has been talking about. Wow, that was soooo not a shock. Though I liked how Six mentioned Sharon was unworthy of the honor. Jealous?

And please dear writers, I know you like to off supporting characters, but you seem to have a shortage of doctors, so can we keep Doc Cottle? In such a dark show you need Donnelly Rhoades gift with a one liner.

I have mixed feeling about the holographic/mystical teleportation/whatever map to finding earth maybe because I was only half right. ;) The arrow was the key and, in essence, helped point them in the right direction. But, whatever they found themselves in, seemed rather high tech even for people capable of space travel. And why be so vague? Did those that remained behind want to make the journey to earth difficult, near impossible?

On the other hand, Roslin as proven right, Adama’s initial promise to lead them to earth was not a lie, and it was kinda cool thinking of them standing here. Plus, it gave Kara a great line off of someone stating that they thought they were in the tomb, “I think that was the lobby.” J

So, technically, Apollo was the one who opened the tomb. Significant? You make the call.

I also need to do some shout-outs here. The wonderful lynnb sent my copies of the two HH movies featuring Jamie that I have not yet seen and the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' film he appeared in. I haven't tried the discs yet Lynn, I'm kind of working myself up to watching the angst. ;)

And the kind, generous, funny, and proud defender of all things Spuffy, sweet_ali is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday!!!. May you have a good one. You deserve it. :)
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  • TV Catch Up (Mostly White Collar)

    Good News: For the first time in weeks I'm not buried in work and am healthy! Bad News: Life has been very weird and drama filled where I live…

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    I seem to be having limited success in posting more often. At least this time I have legitimate excuses! Two hellish weeks at work. Then, this past…

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