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Podcast for 'Home Pt 2'

The one time I get ahead on posting and I know many haven't seen this ep yet. Hope the downloading situation has been worked out.

I’m trying to decide if this week’s pod cast may be the least informative ever. Do I care about James Remar’s apparently awesome work in ‘48 Hours’? Or how many days they generally shoot inside vs. outside? Or how great rain looks on film? Uh, no. Talk about characters motivation guys. Please.

One thing I continue to find of interest is how much these episodes change and evolve from first draft to what ends up on our screen. There are lots of cuts and alterations. Some I don’t find very significant; others could radically alter the direction of the season. They even endlessly rework the recaps, deciding which elements should be reprieved from last week to inform new viewers and refresh the minds of the old ones.

I’m a little confused as to how they had to work to expand an ep and a half of material to two eps (the first half of this episode was basically all new), yet had to cut a lot of character moments. Specifically, as they trek through the woods there are many character beats we missed. There are two in particular I wish we would have seen. First, is Billy informing Roslin he’s an atheist which stops her in her tracks. He goes on to explain to her that it’s never been about the gods for him, but loyalty to her and Adama. The other cut I think is important happens as they approach the tomb. If you notice the quick shot of Adama, Lee, and Kara smiling, the entire sequence would have shown their conversation - Adama trying to reconnect with Lee and Kara running to catch up with them to join in.

The Baltar/Six scenes was a late plot development, but an idea they‘ve been kicking around since season 1 - Six telling Baltar he’s just crazy and changing the game on him. However, as originally scripted it’s Sharon that Baltar is initially talking to in the cell and she, at some point, changes into Six. They were going for emphasizing the crazy, but decided it didn’t work.

There was nothing said about Tricia/Six imitating Katee/Kara. So, either we collectively read that scene wrong or perhaps Tricia’s efforts were lost on the writers. The most they said about her new look is that that is how Tricia normally looks.

The Raptor scene….it was the first time that Standards & Practices put there foot down and would not allow them to show something. Tyrol has a line, “topography is for pussies” and instead of “Adar was a moron” Adama states “Adar was a prick.” Yeah, all the things we have seen on this show (and let’s not forget the regular use of “frack”) and that’s what they take issue with. Also, the distortion to Adama and Billy’s faces was not the result of CGI, but a high pressure air blaster. Which can cause embolisms. Which they didn’t seem to care much about.

The writers seem to love Doc Cottle and Donnelly Rhoades as much as we do. I’m thinking he’s safe for awhile.

Originally, Helo was much more aware of and involved in what Sharon was doing (to the point of backing her up if need be). They were struggling to strike balance with his character, suggesting culpability and also showing how he’s being seduced. They also reiterated Lee and Adama’s feelings - you have to keep an eye on him because his loyalties are conflicted. Um, and they actually called Helo stupid. :p

When Adama collapses after his attack on Sharon he made an admission “They’re stronger than we are”, but the network sent a note saying it was confusing in the context of the scene, RM agreed, and it got cut.

The Adama/Laura scenes were a lot longer. EJO had issues with the scenes because Adama doesn’t like Laura.

There were two cylon attacks that were cut for budget reasons. One took place during the planetarium sequence (that’s what they called it) and just as they are beginning to unravel the puzzle the heavens above break apart due to gun fire. Also, it seems that after they came up with the Arrow of Apollo idea, they were at a bit of a loss as to how to follow through with it. There was talk about the jewels in the arrow being significant and that if you lined up the colonies and Kobol it would form an arrow pointing to earth. Instead of that rather farfetched idea, we got what we got.

Last minute cuts (I’ve seen the promo shots for these) included Adama pointing the gun at Sharon’s head after she relinquishes it to him. And the original coda was Kara kneeling before her pagan figurines preying to the gods. They may see if they can use that scene later because it was so beautifully shot.

I’ve never seen the film ‘Brubaker’, but the clapping sequence is lifted right from that. And Adama’s motivation was giving Laura the respect and praise she deserves.
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