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Today is the day we were blessed (or cursed, take your pick ;) with the beautiful, witty, talented, brilliant, future nurse of the year jennipher. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!. Hope you had a great day filled with everything you deserve. Even if you had to knock out the kids to get it. ;)

OK, three days in the slammer and cutie pie hasn't been made some guys girlfriend? Yep, that's realistic.

There's a an attractive female doctor working in a maximum security prison....with no guard around....again, realistic.

And how does a guy being put to death in a month get work detail?

The evil guard and the nice-made-a-mistake-trying-to-go-straight cell mate seem like cliches.

It seems they are using 'Galactica Time' establishing the course of the season will take a month. And the execution is scheduled for May 11th. Let me guess? The date for the season finale?

Still, the leads seem likeable, the mystery interesting, and the dialogue pretty good. I think it can manage to hold my attention for awhile.
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