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Today is the day we were blessed (or cursed, take your pick ;) with the beautiful, witty, talented, brilliant, future nurse of the year jennipher. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!. Hope you had a great day filled with everything you deserve. Even if you had to knock out the kids to get it. ;)

OK, three days in the slammer and cutie pie hasn't been made some guys girlfriend? Yep, that's realistic.

There's a an attractive female doctor working in a maximum security prison....with no guard around....again, realistic.

And how does a guy being put to death in a month get work detail?

The evil guard and the nice-made-a-mistake-trying-to-go-straight cell mate seem like cliches.

It seems they are using 'Galactica Time' establishing the course of the season will take a month. And the execution is scheduled for May 11th. Let me guess? The date for the season finale?

Still, the leads seem likeable, the mystery interesting, and the dialogue pretty good. I think it can manage to hold my attention for awhile.
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I watched this tonight because I saw "Stealth", this crappy action movie and Wentworth Miller was the actor who 'voiced' the robotic ship.

And now that I've actually *seen* him, he looks terribly familiar :)
Did you ever watch Joan of Arcadia? I ask because Wentworth was in the latter part of last season and if the show hadn't been canceled he was being set up to be Joan's arch-nemesis.

He is really pretty, Asta.
I *thought* he looked familiar! Of *course*! Yes, Jim (my hubby) and I *loved* 'Joan' and we were very sad when it was cancelled.
I am not just sad, but extremely bitter. I was actually *just* ranting about it all over again in my own LJ earlier tonight. See, I'm watching the first season DVDs again and re-living my love for this show. Le sigh.
Well, having never watched 'Joan' he didn't seem familiar to me. However, I do have a vague recollection of him from promos I saw for the show. Glad to see he has found other work. Now only is he easy on the eyes, he seems to have some acting chops. He reminded me a bit of a certain viper pilot. ;)
You and your...parallels. ::shakes head:: But he is awfully easy on the eyes and yes, it appears that unlike many pretty boy actors, this one can actually, y'know, act.

I wasn't riveted by Prison Break, but I certainly thought it was worth watching. Nicely done.

Off topic: I just saw the VM promo for the new season (six times or so. shaddup.) and now I'm all aflutter. Why isn't it a month now already? ::head explodes::
Hey, I have Bamber on the brain, I'm always seeing him where I can. :p

I wasn't riveted by 'Prison Break' either, but I can't say it pissed me off or bored me either. And I'm curious to see how cutie pie and the doctor are going to find a way to hook up. ;)

I haven't seen the new VM promo and am not really choked up by that... :)
He also played Gage on BtVS, "Go Fish". Since one of his clips made the opening credits for a season or two he probably looks familiar due to repeated viewings. :)
Hmm, the lead is easy on the eyes and it looks kind of interesting, although I wonder how they will work around all the cliches. Also, maybe I'm too cynical and snarky, but the exposition (and resulting dialogue) seemed a little heavy-handed at times.

I was channel surfing right after I finished watching the tape and came upon some crime movie with the actor who plays John Abruzzi (former mob boss).

There seemed to be too much exposition in the premiere. I actually got lost a few times. The conspiracy and plan to spring the brother seem very complex. They need to reveal information gradually.

And should the doctor be lusting after a prisoner? I think not.