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In The Grand Scheme of Things, Really Not Bad News

sdwolfpup e-mailed me last night to say she heard Jamie had cancelled his appearance at Dragon*Con. There's nothing up at the site yet, then again, they just announced recently that Joss canceled when he was never even scheduled to be there. :p I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but given what's going in the country right now, me not getting to see an actor I like is not a big deal. And I had a feeling, with production resuming on BSG a couple weeks ago, that this might happen. Besides seeing him in person, I think the thing I'll really miss is hearing him talk about Apollo's arc this season. The podcasts have their moments, but RM tend to talk very little about the characters and their motivations.

Maybe I'll make more of an effort to go to the next BSG convention. Plus, I had planned on going long before he was announced so it's not like I'm feeling cheated, I still have all my friends to hang with. :) Speaking of, carrielee did you get my e-mail???

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