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The First Evil

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Officially Sick

Yep, I got a cold. So far, the cold pills I stocked up on at work ;) seem to be keeping me from falling into full blown misery. Still, I'm just fuzzy headed enough not to feel up to the task of writing Con reports. Maybe tomorrow. The only panel discussion I wrote up notes for was Tricia's who had all sorts of fab insights into the show and dropped a few hints of what is to come. :)

BTW, there is a certain picture of Jamie from this week's ep creating quite a stir on the net (you can see why there is no end to my obsession in sight). There's nothing in the pic that reveals plot points, so I wouldn't consider it spoilery. The accompanying comments contain no spoilers. It can be found HERE if you're curious.

OK, I'm now watching the third ep of Prison Break. Am I the only one confused already? And the plot holes seem to be getting bigger. I'm not certain Wentworth is enough to keep me tuned in.

House season premiere a week from tonight! :D
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