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Dragon*Con.....Realllllly Long Post

OK, I shall attempt to recall what I did this Labor Day weekend with some semblance of clarity and order. Other than Tricia’s solo Q&A I took no notes. So, I now find myself flipping through my program trying to jog my memory. I’ll start with Thursday, a day in which there were no Con activities, but I finally was able to ‘meet’ folks I have known for quite some time.

I was the first to arrive in Atlanta and had no idea once off the plane where the hell I should be going. I was in Concourse D and deduced I needed to get to the main terminal. I quickly noticed there were trains to take people to the terminal. Why I did not get on one remains a mystery. Instead, I walked for what seemed like a mile following exit signs and hoping I would end up where I needed to be. I emerged, hot and slightly out of breath, at what appeared to be the terminal. There was a fairly large crowd milling about and I was sure there was no way molly_may would find me. Then about 20 seconds later I hear my name called (not Asta, I give her bonus points for that ;) .

We chatted for about an hour until fer1213’s plane arrived. We went back to the terminal and waited….and waited…and waited. Our luck seemed to have run out. I get a call and it’s Fer, apparently very near by us and wondering where we are. I think we then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes, on the phone, looking for landmarks, circling, until we finally managed to bump into each other.

With sdwolfpup not arriving for a few hours, we headed downtown to check out the hotel and register. Then it was back to the airport, pick up SDW, then back to the hotel to check in. Shockingly, most of the food court was closed which left Dairy Queen a very busy place. If I recall correctly, orichaldragon joined us for dinner before we had to depart to pick up Sis of Fer (who really needs to get an LJ if we haven’t scared her off).

Since I really can’t recall much of what else happened Thursday, let me take the time to mention all the other fabulous LJers I got to meet. Friday, I got to meet up with carrielee who I know from my old The Board We Do Not Speak Of days and Kid#1. First off, let me say Carrie looks more like Kid#1’s sister than his mother. The bitca. ;p Secondly, she has one of the most amazing 13 year olds I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Polite, articulate, funny, mature and didn’t seem to have any problem hanging out with a group of women for large parts of the weekend. He definitely earned his sword. (Yeah, I’ll let Carrie share how she has now armed her 13 and 6 year old ;p)

Unfortunately, do to scheduling we didn’t get to hang out with wisteria_ and jidabug as much as we would have liked. I did get the chance to get introduced to kats_meow and thomasina75 the last couple days of the Con. Very generous women, they know why. :) And I think Thomasina may have been convinced to give the Hornblower movies a try.

Also, let me half heartedly ;) apologize for the BSG/Horatio Hornblower/Bamber discussions that took place repeatedly over the course of the weekend. SDW got pretty wrapped up in our fangirling a few times peaking Sunday night when we hung out in the lobby until two am going on and on about Apollo. And guess who else is now spoiled for an upcoming ep? MUWAHAHAHAHAH!!! (More on that later….)

I think it was Thursday that we caught Dean Stockwell and Ron Glass checking into the hotel. It was hard holding Fer back from Mr Glass. Over the course of the weekend, we ran into many of the guests (thus SDW and I lamenting Jamie not being there).

Friday, at breakfast we did some celebrity spotting. Marina Sirtis was chatting with someone about fifteen feet away and Jewel, her husband Matt, and Morena were seated at the table next to us.

The first panel we were going to go to ‘The Two Faces of Apollo’ was cancelled because apparently just One Face of Apollo wasn’t that interesting. We then headed down to the dealer room instead. Surprisingly, I did not find much to buy other than some BSG photos (two of Jamie, two cast photos – the nice woman selling the one of Jamie to me asked me if I had heard he cancelled because she didn’t want me to be buying it solely for autographing purposes. Turns out she had met him at a Con in England and said he was quite lovely and very well mannered. She also got to see him in a play, but couldn’t recall which one.) After perusing, we hit the autograph lines. The celebs were packed into the back of the dealer room and it’s a very intimate and casual setting. I was surprised at the opportunities to be had to just chat with folks. The rest of my group headed for the ‘Serenity’ line while I popped over to see Gigi Edgely and Raelee Hill because I had promised divahag that I would try to get their autographs. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Gigi since a couple of others were monopolizing her time, but Raelee was quite chatty and very sweet. She wondered what the long line was for and I explained it was for ‘Serenity’. “That’s Firefly, right?” And for some inexplicable reason I said I was looking forward to seeing Jamie Bamber from BSG who canceled. She actually looked sad and said “I’m sorry.” She then asked me where I was from and when I said Michigan she wasn’t exactly sure where that was. I said North. She said “Oh, the one with all the lakes” and I also pointed out it was shaped like a hand. Then she brought up Wisconsin, which I said was next door. “Milwaukee?” “That’s in Wisconsin. Our largest city is Detroit.” “Oh! Where they make the cars!”

Anyway, I told her how much I enjoyed her on the show and she handed me my photo. It wasn’t until I was waiting to get Gigi’s autograph I noticed she had personalized the photo (my name was on my Dragon*Con pass). D’Oh! I kindly asked her ‘handler’ if she could cross out my name and write another since the photo wasn’t for me. This is where a series of apologies took place. First the handler, then me for not realizing they were personalizing, then Raelee, and around we went. She felt so badly she did a second auto at no charge and I thanked her for being so nice about the whole thing.

Following that, I went back to find the rest of my group before SDW and I headed out to our first panel discussion. We decided to check out LeVar Burton and Marina Sirtis’ talk and found them to be very engaging and incredibly honest about the good and the bad of working on Trek. The highlights of their talk for me were when they often referred to how the cast was family. At LeVar’s wedding, Brent Spiner was best man, Jonathon Frakes, Patrick Stewart, and Michael Dorn all served as groomsmen. And when talk of the failure of the film franchise came up, particularly ‘Nemesis’ and why it tanked Marina was quick to point out it was because it sucked. Love her. In particular they blamed the director who had never seen a single ep of any Trek series and didn’t seem to care about the history of the franchise. To add insult to injury he spent the first six weeks of the shoot calling LeVar Laverne. The entire cast wants one more shot at getting it right on film and going out on a high note.

We had to quickly exit the Trek talk to get back in line for the ‘Serenity’ cast. The rest of our group was already in line so we got pretty decent seats for the first of three times I got to see them. Honestly, I really don’t recall specifics of their talks. The show didn’t go on long enough to discuss what went right and wrong and they couldn’t discuss the movie because of spoilers. Again, I got a real sense that this is a cast that genuinely likes and cares about each other. There was some ribbing of Ron Glass by Adam Baldwin about his age and many jokes about Morena playing a whore and how she prepared for her role. At Sunday’s panel we sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jewel’s husband, Matt. Oh, and apparently the entire case knows why Inara left the Guild and it’s *really* good, but they don’t know if Joss plans to reveal that info in a sequel or comic so, for now, their lips are sealed.

Following ‘Serenity’, we ran down to check out one of the viding panels because SDW had had two vids nominated. Neither was shown - she was robbed! While the others went elsewhere, SDW and I decided to catch the end of a BSG panel. Tricia wasn‘t there (she didn’t end up arriving until Saturday) so it was just Richard Hatch. I hate to admit it, but my opinion of Mr Hatch has completely changed. I’ve bitched about his bitching about the new BSG, however I’m not sure the show could have a bigger supporter right now. Sure, he’s not likely to bite the hand that is currently feeding him, but the man shows a real knowledge and appreciation of the show, past and present. He admits he was not happy after seeing the mini series, but that seems largely do to what he saw as lack of character development and no clear goals. He mentioned something about the series really finding itself with ‘Hand of God’ and, for the first, but not last time that weekend, we heard about the amazing Lee ep that will be forthcoming with some great developments for him.

At the end of his talk he showed a bit of a gag real he brought with him. I’m not one for buying bootleg DVDs, but I did see if this was available. At the beginning of the reel, Mary, Jamie, Tricia, and James are shown goofing off while making promos fro the mini set to the song ‘Hey Yeah’. Jamie’s expressions (including sticking out his tongue at the camera) in particular were priceless and icon worthy if anyone can ever dig up this footage.

After dinner at a Mexican restaurant with some of the worst service ever (good food and great company though), we headed to the Buffy Horror Picture Show which basically has people perform along with a showing of OMWF. It was entertaining with a good Buffy and excellent Spike….played by a woman….insert own jokes here….

Party animals that we are SDW, Molly May and I headed to the Serenity Shindig. Crap, overly loud music and a longer line for drinks than to get in, but we saw Jewel, Matt, the guy from Stargate:Atlantis whose name I can’t recall :p, Gigi, Dean Haglund, and a very drunk Chris Owens (a theme for the weekend). After us all getting tipsy from one drink and laughing at *everything* we called it a night.

Saturday, SDW and hauled ass to get to Tricia’s talk at 10:00am, only to be told to move to another room, then to be told they had no idea where she was. We sat there for about 15 minutes or so before being told she wasn’t coming and they were canceling the Q&A. People were not happy and people seemed to place the blame on Tricia. As luck would have it, I saw her not too long after when we headed back to the dealer room and I got her to sign my now worth something mini DVD that I had been carrying around for two days (aren‘t you proud of me danceswithwords? ;). I mentioned that we missed her that morning and immediately you could see how bad she felt over the no show. It turns out she had been in the dealer room and no one had bothered to tell her she had a 10:00am Q&A. She was very disappointed missing it because she loves answering the fans questions about the show. I may have mentioned Jamie again and she may have mentioned the awesome ep he has coming up. BTW, if you think Tricia looks good on ‘Galactica’ she is stunning in person. Hate her.

Next up was a ‘Farscape’ panel with Gigi, Raelee, and Virginia Hey. Again, I sensed a real closeness between these women, Gigi and Virginia in particular. Not really great with the details, but a few bits stand out. Ben Browder is actually quite shy. The decision to make Sukozu a traitor was last minute. They had had a full read through of the script right before shooting and there was no mention of her betraying the others. Raelee was not thrilled because she felt that Suzie was *finally* becoming part of the gang. There was a lot of talk of the pain of the contacts they all had to wear and how because they couldn’t use there eyes in conveying emotion, etc, they always had a feeling of disconnect from their fellow actors. Raelee, in particular, seemed bothered by this and stated she would never wear contacts again.

I knew Virginia was forced to leave the show do to an allergy to the makeup she wore. I didn’t know that it nearly killed her. Her kidneys shut down as well as suffering from Bells Palsy and Shingles. It took her a year to recover. The real kicker is she wanted to continue with the show, but the makeup had to be changed. She feels Zhaan could have easily evolved into a different look, but the show refused to make any changes.

I got a little choked up when they talked about Rygel and Pilot. They get a bit offended at the talk of them simply being muppets. Raelee lamented not having more scenes with Pilot (the writers pointed out Pilot hated her) and either she or Gigi related how when the set went dark at night and no one was left they’d look at poor Pilot there all by himself and would want to give him a hug.

The ‘Bad Angels’ panel was to consist of Mercedes McNab and Adam Baldwin, but he ended up skipping the panel. Instead they dragged up the guy who played the Chaos Demon in FFL. He went on and on about how great James and Juliet were. Yeah, exciting stuff. And Mercedes is *a lot* like Harmony, though not evil. ;) I was actually a bit bored and debated getting in line for the ‘Serenity’ panel. Speaking of which, the second time around the line actually went outside the building and around the block. Yet, even that far back we still ended up in the middle of the room.

SDW and I being the lone Trekkies (Trekkers?) hung around for the Star Trek Cavalcade with Marina, LeVar, Conner Trinner, Max Grodenchik (Rom), and Robin Curtis (Savak). I remember it being a really interesting discussion, but no specific details. It may have been here that LeVar said if he never saw Kate Mulgrew again he’d be fine with that. That’s the only cast member of any series he seemed to have a bad word about. He also felt Sisko was the most developed and well rounded character. And I got a bit teary as each told a story about touching someone’s lives just from being part of the Trek universe.

Saturday night we hung out in various lobbies people watching. Lots and lots of stormtroopers. One really cool Vader and an equally cool Lego Vader. We managed to catch the entire cast of ‘Farscape’ - a perfect Chiana and Furlough being spotted. SDW, Sis of Fer and I also rode the elevator all the way to the top of the hotel and I managed not to get sick.

Sunday’s panels included two BSG, Conner Trineer’s talk and ‘Serenity’. I’m opting to do a separate post for the BSG stuff. Lots of good info there about my current obsession and I think it’s worthy of detailed discussion. SDW and I cajoled the rest of our group into attending Conner’s talk even though they’ve never seen ‘Enterprise’. They actually found it to be interesting. Maybe it was the universality of bitching. ;) Actually, he said exactly what we wanted to hear. He had no problem with Trip dying, but blowing himself up made no sense. As an indication of how little the writers seemed to get their own show he told a story about an ep where the crew was taking bets on how far they could travel in a day. Trip was wrong seventeen days in a row. Conner pointed out that he’s the ships engineer and would know exactly how far the ship could travel in a day. There response was essentially, ‘Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right’. And as Marina and LeVar had said earlier, the finale which she and Jonathon Frakes guested was a good ep, but a horrible finale. Conner reiterated how the ‘Enterprise’ cast felt that they didn’t get the ending they deserved and, by that point, the show had been taken away from them. More than half the cast didn’t even show for the wrap party because Paramount made it one big publicity event. Conner has a role coming up on ‘Atlantis’ that could lead to future appearances. I may have to watch with the sound turned on again. ;)

Sadly, Fer and Sis of Fer had to leave us and we said our goodbye’s between panels. Molly May left after ‘Serenity’ and we didn’t get a chance to see her on Monday do to her cold. And, no, I don’t think she is to blame for mine. More likely it was the Bamber talk that kept me up till 2:00am talking with SDW.

Didn’t do much on Monday. I caught the first half of Richard Hatch’s final talk while SDW checked out the ‘Farscape’ panel. Neither provided any new info and Richard mostly talked about his life. Though, I have to admit, I did find it interesting partly because I identified with some of what he said (he was once painfully shy) and partly because he gave some good advice about finding what you love to do and doing it. It may have even motivated to start a fanfic. ::whistles innocently::

Ironically, SDW and I were watching part of the CSI marathon that morning and as we were seeing the victim’s face being reconstructed I said ‘Huh, that looks like Tricia.’ Cut to photo of victim. ‘That is Tricia!’ She played a model, surprise, and we got to see about twenty different, gorgeous, photos of her.

So, that is it for now. I’ll type up the BSG stuff tomorrow and get it posted before the new ep airs otherwise who knows when I’ll get to it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, there’s probably more info buried in the Bamberless recesses of my brain.

OK, I watched the season premiere of ‘The O.C’. So-so, but at least Ben got a decent haircut. And ‘Reunion’? I lasted 15 minutes. Which caused me to forget about ‘Celebrity Poker’ with Michael Vartan. Thankfully, Bravo repeats the show about a half dozen times.
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  • SciFi Sunday

    Today was devoted to man's inhumanity to man...or aliens...or Cylons. This afternoon, I finally managed to get to the theatre to see District 9.…

  • A Long Time Coming

    Yes, once again, it's been awhile since I've posted to LJ. Well, my LJ. I have been posting to jamiebambernews. And there is Twitter. And…

  • The SciFi (But Not SyFy) Edition

    Life seems to be rather boring at the moment, so I shall just share some links of possible interest. Battlestar Galactica bsg_bigbang