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For the sake of those who don’t want to be in the least bit tempted by spoilage or don’t want to be accidentally spoiled as they try to scroll past sections of a post, I’m separating the BSG discussion into two posts.

The first panel up was Trek vs Galactica. In addition to Tricia and Richard were two guys from websites I had not heard of – Carlos Pedraza and John C Snider. I actually enjoyed Carlos questions and comments. He seems to have a good knowledge and appreciation of both shows. John, on the other hand, must be a Trek fan given some of his not so subtle bitterness directed at Galactica. My favorite comment (she says sarcastically) was when he said that on Galactica it seemed that the female characters took on what could be considered masculine roles while the male characters, such as Lee Adama, came off as more feminine. WTFrack? Has he seen ‘Bastille Day’ and ‘Colonial Day’? Sure, Lee, on more than one occasion has actually thought before acting and (unlike James ‘Let Me Trample All Over The Prime Directive’ Kirk) and has been seen to show his emotions and fears, but he also has a hair trigger temper and will let his fists fly.

It wasn’t discussed so much here, but in the earlier Trek panel LeVar Burton had answered a question as to why there was never a priest or chaplain as a regular cast member on Trek. Gene Roddenbury was an agnostic and forbid any ongoing discussion of God or religion on the show. I thought about this in terms of BSG where we are continually bombarded with talk of god or the gods and what that means to each individual. Tricia even mentioned tiring of talking about God seemingly all the time during season one.

She lamented a bit that Six was boxed in in the first season. That when your character is in someone else’s head, it doesn’t give you a lot to work with. I’ve always thought about how difficult it must be for the other actors to pretend she’s not there, but I never thought about how difficult it must be for her to only have one person to really work off of.

During the first season, she believed Baltar had a chip in his head. Then she assumed he was going crazy. Now, she’s not so sure what’s going on with him. She pointed out that Six has been right too many times to just be his conscious or something.

She’s asked Ron Moore about what’s upcoming for her and the show and has gotten little to no information. Interestingly, she did mention looking on the internet and reading message boards. Maybe she’s a spoiler whore too. ;)

Many questions regarding the sex on the show were directed at Tricia who handled them in a humorous way pointing out that all she has is Gaius, that Starbuck has slept with more men than she, and it’s Boomer who’s pregnant. So, Six is not the slut on the show. ;)

Apparently there have been numerous sex scenes cut. She mentioned one that took place in ‘33’ and another in ‘Scattered’ when they are walking through the piles of remains. The latter one I think she lamented being cut only because it was such a pain to shoot. When they had stopped filming the previous season it was summer; when they resumed shooting it was March and she had to wear that same lightweight white dress and walk around barefoot. Then the director requested they roll around in the woods together, but not to get the dress dirty since they only had one. She managed to save the dress by lying on top of James, but he cut his leg open on a bone.

The shot in the Mini when she throws James against the wall was the result of frustration. All day they had been trying without success to complete the scene of them having sex at the beginning of the ep. It was the very first scene she and James ever shot together, all the director told them was to make it “fierce”, and in addition to getting comfortable with each other she was having issues getting her clothes off. After hours of technical issues and wardrobe malfunctions she just grabbed him and threw him. 

The snapping of the babies neck in the Mini (a scene in which many women, including her sister, have told her they have a real problem watching) she played as being a mercy killing. Six knew that the child’s life would end in a couple of hours and she desired to spare it from unnecessary suffering. She said if you look at her as she walks away you can see that Six really didn’t want to do it.

Really interesting tidbit about the "So Say We All" and the end of the mini. As scripted, it was to be said only once, but Eddie decided to, on the spot, change it. No one knew he was going to keep repeating it. She said if you look at the faces of those in the crowd there are some very surprised expressions. Gradually, they all just went along with what Eddie was doing until more and more people began repeating the line. It was that take that the used.

Speaking of Eddie, in TMU,TMD, the scene in which Baltar is behind Six ‘exercising’ was not scripted beyond broad terms and Eddie came up with the scenario on set….the one and only time Tricia’s husband visited the set. To make matters worse, there were no cuts during the take so as the camera pans up her legs she had to quickly duck under the table and stare at James’ crotch throughout the rest of filming.

My favorite story was about the filming of the Lee/Kara/Baltar sex scene in KLG. Tricia said it’s bad enough to have the crew watching while you are filming such scenes, but Tricia/Six was sitting in the chair the entire time watching them (correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall this being apparent in the final cut we saw). Katee was not thrilled especially when they told Jamie that he was done and for James to climb on top of her. At this point Tricia relates how the director’s 80 year old mother was in town visiting and how he was taking the dailies home to watch at night…with his mother. Her response at seeing Six witnessing all this? “Poor Robot Girl” To which Tricia said “Yes!” because someone *finally* felt sympathy for her character. :)

Also during that scene, Katee was wearing pasties to give her some semblance of privacy but had decided to paint smilie faces on them.

The show really does seem to make an effort to protect it’s actors as much as possible. Tricia was recounting filming a scene where she was naked in bed and that often they don’t stop filming between takes and, therefore, as she’s getting back into position, things may slip and she may show more than she wishes. She found out that the cameraman was putting his hand over the lens between ‘cut’ and ‘action’ so the network heads, etc wouldn’t have the opportunity to see more than they should while reviewing the raw footage.

One last bit I can recall is that Six was originally suppose to have short, raven black hair. It was after the show saw some head shots of Tricia with her hair died white blonde that they decided they liked the ethereal quality it gave her.

BTW, Tricia, like Adam Baldwin, donated all the money she made from autos and photos to the relief effort. Tricia’s husband’s parent lived in New Orleans. They’re fine, but they, too, lost their home.
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