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More Dragon*Con - BSG Spoilage

First the big news, the CAG gets shagged. ;-) There was no mention there of by whom (the truth is out there though...), but Tricia made it clear after seeing so much of the female characters lately, it was going to be the guys turn next. At this point the sign with Jamie’s name (he was to be on the panel) was held up for the audience.

Someone in the audience said that we now know what five of the 12 Cylon models look like. They wanted to know if anyone on the show was going to be revealed as a Cylon. Tricia said that, as far as she knew, no one we already know was about to be revealed as a Cylon, but that’s not to say someone we know isn’t. However, we would soon be seeing another Cylon on the show, just not a regular cast member.

Tricia was very excited about the eps she just wrapped because it’s a big storyline for Six tied to the arrival of the Pegasus (does anyone not know about that spoiler?). She’ll be playing another model of Six named Gina which is going to give her not only the opportunity to play someone different (Gina has a very different look and is programmed differently than Six), she’ll get to interact with much more of the cast.
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