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BSG Ep 8: The Final Cut

Somewhere around Act 2, danceswithwords and I both decided that this was this season’s ‘Litmus’. I had a general idea of what the story was about. Lucy Lawless was to play a reporter attempting to do an expose on the Gideon Massacre. Adama and Roslin were to give her nearly unlimited access to the fleet and somewhere along the line Sharon’s pregnancy would be in danger. The structure would be different in that we’d be seeing large chunks of the ep through the eye of D’Ana’s camera. I have to say, this probably looked like a great idea on paper, but the transition to screen was, in my opinion, largely unsuccessful. For some reason, I always thought it would be. Perhaps, ultimately, it just came off as too gimmicky for a show that strives for realism.

That’s not to say I thought this was a complete disaster or that there weren’t moments I didn’t genuinely enjoy. I appreciated that they addressed the pilot shortage again. People are still dying and we haven’t seen any new recruits since season 1. Kat becomes the prime example of what the of strain events and long hours are doing to the protectors of the fleet. While I loved Kat’s words at the end - her shame at letting down her fellow viper pilots and adding to the fleets woes - it was obvious early on that something was not right with Kat. DWW’s commented early into the ep that she seemed like she was on drugs and I said, well, she could be. Those stims they rely on coming back to bite them in the ass. And it goes to show what a great job the show does in developing even it’s minor characters that we could so quickly pick up on something being off with her. However, if we could, shouldn’t one of her fellow pilots? Kara and Lee have been MIA so I cut them some slack. Is this another indication of how much the fleet needs them?

While I appreciate them readdressing the killing of civilians, why wasn’t there an equal interest in, as D’Ana said point blank, the coup? She has Adama, Lee, and Kara at her disposal and not a single question as to why they did what they did. Is the fleet really just accepting things are going back to as they were before?

At least we got a hint that things are not completely settled between Adama and Roslin. When Laura agrees that, in some cases, the people have a right to be distrustful of what the military is doing; Adama is visibly holding back his anger at her words.

Well, let me address the scene that I’m sure will launch a thousand icons. God bless Jamie Bamber and his comfort with his body. The boy is not shy. And, if you watch closely (I may have), we come *very* close to catching a glimpse of the full monty. I’m not sure how all that got past the censors. Now, I hope you are sitting down when I say this, but I felt that scene went on for far too long. I know after the pic came out about a week ago, many feared the scene would be cut. Last night, I sat there wondering when they were going to cut. Somewhere along the line I was feeling a wee bit uncomfortable. It’s not because it was Jamie, it could have been Katee or Tricia or anyone, it just seemed too intrusive. And, yeah, I know that was the point of the scene, but they could have shot him from the chest up for a lot of that and gotten the same vibe. I'm also realizing as I look at caps, Jamie's smile can turn me into a puddle of goo faster than any full body shot can. :)

My other problem was Kara quoting the poetry. DWW made a very good point that this harkens back to Kara’s artistic side that we were unaware of and it goes to show that even though Lee knows Kara as well as anyone could, there are still things he doesn’t know about her, things she chooses to keep hidden from everyone, even her best friend. And I agree with that. But, how many times are we going to have to see Lee’s slightly stunned reaction to finding out a new facet to his friend? The next time they are in a bar will she start playing the piano or singing? And when will we start learning more about the other characters?

Later, when D’Ana informs Kara that Captain Adama gave permission to her to ask her some questions about the pilots, Kara retorts with “The captain likes to push my buttons”. Is that an anvil I hear? OK, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, at the time, I just thought, ‘Go ahead. Have sex. Get it over with.’ I don’t want to endure a season of not-so-subtle wordplay and looks.

I thought Sharon’s near miscarriage storyline was botched. Helo just happens to be there when she’s bleeding out? And after a brief glimpse of her struggling with Doc Cottle, we hear nothing of her and the baby’s fate until the end of the ep.

The big reveal that D’Ana is a cylon really didn’t surprise me. After an episode I was feeling rather Meh about and with time still left I figured there was some big twist coming and how many possibilities did we have? Plus, Tricia had mentioned at the Con that we would be meeting another model of Cylon. I did find it rather cool that the Gideon Massacre story was all a cover just to find out if Sharon and her child were still alive. There is also some irony in that the documentary may actually help the fleet.

Other things I didn’t care for…..the Tigh/Ellen storyline seemed like a lot of build up towards nothing. It’s great to hear Adama reiterate that they all need to live with the choices they made, but, realistically, people want to see accountability. Even Cally got thirty days I the brig and I’d hazard to guess the Lt that plotted Tigh’s demise will get some time there as well. Gaeta and Dee’s confessionals provided some slight insight into their characters, yet I really didn’t feel much for either of them. Perhaps because it all seemed so cliché.

Other things I did like….Lee’s confessional. He was talking about himself as much as the others when he brought up losing friends and family. He’s obviously baring a lot of responsibility for keeping his pilots as safe and protected as possible. There would have been a great opportunity to address how he felt when he had to abandon his people to protect the articles and the president. It may have been a more difficult decision then we even realized. And though it was used in a cheesy manner (given the overwrought dialogue and visuals, I’m thinking it was meant to fit the tone of the closing of the documentary) I was thrilled to hear the music from the original Galactica back.
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