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Podcast for 'Final Cut'

First of a few standalone eps

If danceswithwords is watching ‘Stargate’ so I don’t have to, I shall continue listening to the podcasts so she doesn’t have to. ;) I have to admit I zoned out a few times during this one so combined with RM’s ramblings I’ve thrown in some additional observations I made during my rewatches.

First, my thoughts.....

I’m leaning towards the D’Anna in the fleet being a sleeper agent. However her line to Adama “We all want this fleet to survive.” has a rather ominous tone to it and could be foreshadowing.

It’s been at least ten days since ‘Home Pt 2’. It’s been perhaps longer if the enemy contact Tigh speaks of were not the Cylon troops on Kobol. And given the talk about fifteen hour shifts and no downtime, I’m going with Lee and Kara and Adama not really having discussed the choices they made. I’m also worried because Laura is coming closer to her mortality.

How does Ellen Tigh have so many changes of clothing? That’s really starting to bug me when the president has to rely on a handful of suits.

I noticed during the, well, for lack of a better description, towel scene that Dee only briefly looks into the pilot’s quarters and then quickly ducks behind the door frame. And when Kara talks to Lee her eye level never wavers from his (as opposed to D’Anna looking down several times) . While I think sharing co-ed quarters the men and women have become fairly comfortable with each other’s nudity it would seem they try to give each other some modicum of privacy. Dee by not invading their space and those in close contact with each other keeping their eyes focused elsewhere at all times.

Sidenote to above, I’m wondering if it was missed by the editors/censors that Lee’s bum got shown while D’Anna was watching the video footage on playback?

I agree with D’Anna’s conclusion that mistakes are an exception rather than the rule on Galactica., but I still feel Tigh got off too lightly.

OK, and I know some folks will want to beat me with their tiny fists of fury for saying this, but when Lee was being interviewed by D'Anna and sticking up for his people, talking of their sacrifices, and demanding they be respected I thought, "It would be kinda cool if Lee turned out to be a clyon." ::runs::

Now on to RM.....

He feared that the closing shot of the little boy in the footage for the Gideon Massacre was too treacle-y. It originally went on for longer and included the boy crying. It sounds as if he’s still not happy with the shot but he made the best of it that he could.

The reporter storyline and shooting an episode entirely from his/her POV was conceived earlier in the season, but they had too much else to cover at the time.

RM’s dictate with the episode was he wanted to know things about these characters he didn’t know before and that they would be conveyed through the little moments. Lots of things were unscripted and improvised on the set, but he didn‘t point out specifics.

The clipped corners on the video footage was a nod to an aesthetic. He also felt it helped differentiate between subjective and objective shots and the idea didn’t come to him until they were editing.

The cameraman was played by an actual cameraman. They tested both cameramen and actors for the role and felt the latter did a far better job. They ended up not using a lot of the footage shot by him because, unfortunately, shots of the actual camera crew shooting the objective scenes kept getting caught in frame.

He wasn’t happy with the Tigh plot. Yes, it was tied to the Gideon incident, but he didn’t feel it was part of the show they were trying to tell which was a complete character piece. The stuff with threatening and stalking Tigh seemed like a standard television device.

I’ve basically hand waved this, but he actually addressed the inconsistency regarding who wears flight suits and who doesn’t onboard a raptor . He admits it makes little sense and it comes down to aesthetic and budget reasons.

Gaeta and Dee didn’t have first names until this ep was written. And how did he come up with them? Internet search!

In the original script, Paladino shot himself. RM didn’t necessarily agree (he felt it was an act of contrition in Paladino‘s mind, someone had to pay), but the consensus seemed to be it was gratuitous - a dark element introduced just for the sake of introducing dark element.

Now, the big bone of contention - Lee Adama is a reservist. Looking closely this time I saw that he’s not alone. Dee and one of the marines interviewed is also designated as reserve. RM’s intent was to show the importance of reserves in the military and that many reservists are not thinking of making the military a career for the rest of their lives, but they find themselves in this situation and it becomes a career.

In Lee’s case he envisioned him as being part of an ROTC program. As a reservist he would be required to serve active duty for 4 or 6 years (in the BSG universe this could differ) then either take a position in the reserves or choose to take a permanent position in the military. In the bible for the show, for Lee, the military was not a career path, but he had joined out of a sense of duty and service. He was also conceived as a test pilot, choosing a more solitary path and a route very different from that of his father. He felt a sense of emptiness and after completing his service was going to go off and open a bar somewhere, once again running away from his problems. RM admits that this backstory has changed over the course of two seasons.

The backstory info I had prior to this was that Lee had intended to resign his commission after the Galactica was decommissioned. It still fits - his going from active duty to reservist status. The ROTC stuff would also fit with what he said in, I believe, ’Bastille Day’ that he went to war college. At that time he could have participated in the program and, upon graduating, opted to take pilot training. Having an academic background and not just a military one would explain him so often questioning military dictates and choosing to side with the civilian government as opposed to the military leadership. It would also go along with his feelings (and Tigh’s as well) at him not being fit for the uniform. It’s not a fit because it’s never what he wanted. I think much of this provides insight into Lee’s character. If only we could, gee, see some of this explained on screen. :p
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