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Today I was having a less then spectacular day. There were hormone issues. There were numerous issues with my boss who is beyond clueless in his job (he hasn't bothered to learn who all the attorneys are) and is so self-absorbed he asks us the same questions three and four times a day because he, literally, doesn’t listen to any words unless they come out of his own mouth. All of which led to the headache I currently have.

So, why the squeeing? A month ago I ordered the Battlestar Galactica edition of Starburst, Special 71. It cost me $12. Not bad for ordering a British magazine, but still more than I’d like to spend on a magazine. I arrived home to find in my mailbox a magazine wrapped in grey plastic and, since I don’t have a subscription to any racy magazines, assumed it *finally* had arrived. Let me say people, worth every damn penny. If you can find a copy, grab one. I‘ve only skimmed it thus far, but the pictures are gorgeous (they used the bloody hands! And Lee and Laura! :-). The interviews and articles seem to touch on, for the most part, eps that have already aired in the US. However, there is discussion of one upcoming plot point that, to my knowledge, everyone and their mother seems to know by now.

But, in addition to BSG, there’s a rather lengthy article (again, with great photos) on Serenity, ‘Doctor Who, Then and Now’, an article on ‘Atlantis’ (on visuals as opposed to the characters) and an interview with Brent Spiner discussing Threshhold. I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the week. :)

Now, on to my TV viewing the past two nights…

I just caught Supernatural. Eh. I didn’t find it at all creepy or scary. It also found it to be utterly predictable if you‘ve seen any supernatural horror film over the past few years. And I’m not sure having the two leads be brothers was the best idea.

I’m reserving judgment on Bones for now. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. The opening sequence was incredibly contrived. Who rips open their shirt in an airport? Or carries a decaying human skull in a duffle bag? And beats the crap out of a homeland security agent and gets away with cracking jokes about it?? The musical choices were bizarre to say the least… the use of Howie Day’s ’Collide’ while reconstructing a skull? Who the hell came up with that idea?! The “squints” thing annoyed me. On the plus side, David and Emily did have some nice chemistry. I also wasn’t seeing Angel at all. Overall, it just seemed a lot like every other crime drama on the air right now.

First off, is it just me or are the filming the show differently? It seemed to lack some of the style it had last season and the scenes were much more saturated with light and color.

While I felt the episode got off to a slow start, as more small details about the supporting players were revealed, I found myself enjoying the episode a lot more. On the superficial front, Cuddy got herself a cute, young assistant. Unfortunately, she is going to attract no man in that fugly shirt. And I’m very curious as to know where “party pants” came from.

So, the cracks about Foreman’s less than stellar past are rooted in some cold, hard facts. He stole cars and spent time in juvenile hall. And he’s quick to dismiss social upbringing, but quick to embrace a physical cause for criminal behavior. Did Foreman come from a good, caring home and still go astray? Or is he unwilling to face a less than ideal childhood and place the blame at anyone elses door? Whatever the reason for his own criminal background, he overcame it on his own. Yet, given even a slight chance that Clarence’s behavior may not be of his own will, Foreman is willing do what he can to prevent his execution.

I really liked LL Cool J’s performance as Clarence, but I wish we had a bit more examination of his character. He seemed rather underdeveloped compared to past patients of the week. Did the tumor contribute to his rage and the murders? Possibly and courtesy of Foreman’s testimony it might be enough to get him off of death row. However, there still such a thing as personal responsibility, knowing right from wrong (which no one is denying he didn’t know), and not making excuses for yourself.

I’m hoping Chase getting the crap jobs is an indication he’s still being made to suffer for his betrayal of House to Vogler.

I see people still aren’t happy with Cameron. Is she really over House? I doubt it. I did think she showed more backbone than I’ve seen from her. Her motivation for grasping at straws was intensely personal and misguided, but I liked seeing her refuse to back down. And she had a point about doing exactly what House does every week - not give up. But, unlike House, she takes it *all* personally. He may not feel at all (at least that’s what people believe, though I don‘t), but she feels far too much. Wilson’s right, it will end up destroying her considering how emotionally fragile she seems now. And Wilson did apparently do what Cameron did; try to make friends with the patient, to ease their pain. How much did it cost him? “…you’re not the same for years.” Two marriages? Did House pull him back?

The speculation regarding Cameron’s marriage can finally be put to rest. Not only did she marry him after she knew he was dying, she met him after he was diagnosed. Did she ever really love him? I‘m thinking no. She didn’t want a good person to die alone. Yep, way to make yourself a martyr there. I’m really curious now as to what in Cameron’s young life caused her to be this fraked up. And while I feel her feelings for House still could be real, she has a definite pattern of sticking to damaged people and ones that she has no hope of saving.

I don’t have much to say about House accept with the attitude and nearly empty liquor bottle I don’t think he’s gotten to acceptance yet. Of course, where would be the entertainment in that? Oh, and the red T and sunglasses? Very hot. : )

Stacy? Didn’t really add much, but I didn’t mind her presence either. I did like that House took Wilson‘s advice (which was sound - if she doesn’t trust him, he can’t use her), but then did to him what he had done to her - betraying the trust.

I hadn’t seen any commercials for ‘Serenity’ outside the Sci-Fi channel until ‘House’. That must have cost Universal a pretty penny. I won’t even get into the irony of it airing on FOX.

Two things about Rescue Me. lynnb you were right! Sadly. And if Dennis Leary doesn’t get an Emmy nomination next year I’ll be very, very pissed.
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