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For those interested in checking out all of the alien invasion/X-Files inspired TV shows this season, a reminder that CBS' contribution Threshold has it's 2 hour premiere at 9 est tonight. Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner, and the guy from 'The Station Agent' (sorry, can't recall his name) star so at least we know it has a good cast. Unfortunately, it's also against BSG so I won't be watching until tomorrow.

Speaking of BSG, I forgot to post about the question I asked Tricia. Nearly all of us raved about Tricia's excellent impersonation of Katee portraying Kara. While I was getting her autograph I told her what was being said on the internet, yet in the podcast RM made no mention of what she had done. Guess what? She wasn't trying to be Starbuck. Total coinidence. Weird.

It's now 7:44 and still no podcast. I'm actually hoping that RM didn't have time this week. I'll be off the hook! ;-)
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