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BSG Ep 9: Flight of the Phoenix

I’ll probably be in the minority again, but I enjoyed this episode so much more than last week. :)

The moral of the story is that for the fleet to survive they must work together. At the start of the episode we see nearly everyone at each other’s throats - Starbuck and Racetrack, Tyrol and Helo, Gaeta and Tigh (and how much did I love Gaeta for blowing up at Tigh?). The only people we see truly getting along are Adama and Laura who have come to realize that they HAVE to get along in order to move forward, to keep hope alive so to speak, and Lee and Kara whose friendship seems to be progressing nicely. But, there is anger and tension at every other turn. Adama’s right, the reality of their situation has finally hit them, this is their life now. I’m not sure it’s just the enemy and exhaustion that has made them contemplate their circumstances. As far as we know, they haven’t been heavily tested by the Cylons since the Heavy Raider crashed into Galactica or events on Kobol. Without a persistent Cylon threat it means they’ve had time to ponder a lot of other things and see the truth.

There was some questionable and perhaps sloppy editing decisions made. I’m not use to the show making glaring mistakes (unless it comes to computer networking and viruses - I’ll let others deal with that ;). Lee confronts Tyrol about the viper situation and later tells Kara he told him of his concerns for “viper maintenance over his hobby project” accept Tyrol didn’t decide to try and build a viper until *after” his conversation with Lee. Then there was Kara’s uncontrolled laughing. Er, Nitrous Oxide was not flooded into the room, they were deprived of oxygen. And as much as I love the training scene between Dee and Lee (more on that shortly), it really wasn’t connected to anything else going on in the story. Unless UST is becoming a major arc on the show.

However, there was some amazing continuity. I didn’t care for ‘The Final Cut’, but they did a fine job of carrying over the feelings and emotions from the strung out pilots and crew. And there were the smaller touches. Laura returning the book Adama gave to her in the mini series. Dee carrying her father’s pocket knife. Sharon using the expression “rolling the hard six”. The Cylon ships floating dead in space, paralleling what happened to the viper fleet in the mini.

Now, let me discuss my OMG! Moment. I was shocked by the Lee/Dee sparring scene. Sure, RM stated in the ‘Resistance- pod cast that we were seeing hints of something upcoming, but I really thought it was in reference to her “I wish you were in charge captain” not her checking out his ass. ;) I’m not saying that this is a huge development to be obsessed over or that it’s actually going anywhere. I still believe that Dee cares deeply for Billy. However, their relationship began almost immediately after everything they knew was gone and they didn’t know what the future held. For Lee’s part, I’m still convinced his feelings are an utter mess. A relationship with Dee would be far simpler and thus far more appealing than one with Kara or Laura. There was a definite look between Dee and Lee and chemistry. Then again, who hasn’t Jamie had chemistry with? I’m actually quite happy with this development. It means the show is keeping it’s options open in spite of the anvilicious moments between Lee and Kara. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the two of them working together to blast that door open. But, cheek to cheek? And then later to have their vipers nose to nose? ::rolls eyes::

BTW, the rest of you can have the towel scene. Lee Adama can be my self defense instructor any day or night. ;)

Mary McDonnell blew me away. Her reaction to finding out just how little time she has left - her hand beginning to shake, her not knowing where to go, the fear and panic and trying to keep it in check - it seemed so real. I’m sure people do break down crying or show no emotion at all when dealt a devastating blow, but the shock and numbness expressed felt so much more real to me. But, sap that I can be, it’s when they revealed they named the Blackbird after her that I started to get teary. Adama keeping the applause going at the end of ‘Home, Pt 2’ was something *he* did. This, this was something *they* did for her out of genuine respect and appreciation. Oh, and she and Aaron Douglas need more credit for their comic abilities. Their reactions to christening the ship were perfect.

So, who wants to make bets that a stealth viper will play a pivotal role in a future ep? Anybody?

I’m further confused about the Cylon plan…if one exists. Sharon seems convinced the Cylons want her and her unborn child dead because they are a liability and a mistake. Yet, last week we see that there is great relief from one contingent of Cylons that she and her child were alive and well. Could there be two factions of Cylons with very different end games? Or could the intent have been to disable Galactica, board the ship, and rescue Sharon before blowing up the fleet?

What of Sharon and Tyrol? Tyrol isn’t over Sharon, at least not his Sharon. Sharon seemed evasive when Helo questioned her regarding her memories of Tyrol. The “you’re the father of my child” and in my heart crap isn’t exactly a promise of devotion. Perhaps Tyrol just wanted to make peace with her at the end, but there’s more then meets the eye there in my opinion.
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