Asta 2

It Was Bound To Happen Eventually

My car died. Though, the consensus by my mother and I (car experts that we are - HA!) is that it will live again. It's most likely just the starter (the battery possibility was eliminated as soon as the radio and lights came on), but I'll need to have it towed Monday morning. Joy. I made this lovely discovery as I was on my way to meet raislak for lunch. Luckily, I caught him before he left and he was kind enough to pick me up then drop me at my mom's house so I could claim her car. This is one of the times I'm happy she has no life. She does not need the car back until Tuesday. So, the situation is not dire as far as I know, just an inconvenience and a drain on my bank account.

Other than that, it was a fine day. Of course, I shall be going into work tomorrow since I'm going to miss part of the day Monday. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled bitching then. ;-)
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Even when it's not terribly expensive or dire, car trouble is always so freaking inconvenient! My fingers are crossed that it's something simple and inexpensive.
AcK! Just what you didn't need. I hope it's easy to get fixed. *hugs8
You know, even if it's the simplest of problems, car trouble is just such a pain in the ass. Not to mention the fact that no matter what, it's always expensive.

I hope it's a quick fix, my dear.
Glad I was able to help. Gave us time to hash out all those BSG conundrums and plot twists. Plus we had the lovely Kim for a waitress...

Thanks for the music, love the "this is your grail" tune.

Well on to fixing my home computer & watching Scrubs.
Oh, that sucks! I hope your car can rise again. *crosses fingers*
My checking account sympathizes with your checking account. I hope the whole situation doesn't cause too much frustration and resolves without bloodshed of any type. Except sexy sweaty mechanic bloodshed. That is allowed.