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It's Alive!!!

My car that is. And, guess what? It was the battery. So, I'm not out as much money as I could have been. However, what they charged for looking the car over and replacing the battery? ::cries::

Bradley Cooper has officially been added to my list of TV boyfriends. He was cute on 'Alias', but now? Wow. Maybe it was the glasses holding him back. I need 'Kitchen Confidential' icons NOW. The show does need some work, but it seemed a good companion to 'Arrested Development'.

Anyone watch 'Las Vegas' tonight? It would seem that Lara Flynn Boyle was contractually obligated to gain weight before they'd hire her. Sadly, they couldn't sem to get her to give up whatever it is she's injecting into her face.

Oh, the Emmy's. House won for best writing. Jon Stewart gave an impromptu shout out to David Letterman thus, I'm sure, leaving Leno even more embittered. And Hugh Jackman won an Emmy! And was there to get it! Other than that the show blew. Don't hire a talent like Ellen Degeneres and force her to run around with sparklers and stuffed birds. And the musicel performances? Was I the only who had flashbacks to the Rob Lowe/Snow White debacle at the Oscars many moons ago?

BSG on DVD tomorrow!!!
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