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House 2.2 - Autopsy

This was the first episode where I went “Continuity!” (except for Chase's sudden aging). I just love it when show remembers it’s past. As far as I’m concerned, Chase continues to suffer fallout from his alliance with Vogler. It’s subtle in the constant digs, but it’s there. “Don’t worry, anything happens to you nobody’s gonna lift a finger.” Not even being in line to be allowed to touch the white board. “This is exactly why you can’t touch my markers.” (The line that cracked me up the most for some reason.)

House telling Cameron “You stay away from the patient.” “You’ll just get all warm and cuddly…insinuate yourself… and end up in a custody battle.” And given the expression on Cameron’s face, she’s actually come to acceptance. At least when as it applies to her limitations as a doctor. Come to think of it, her interaction with Andy was kept to a minimum. It’s makes sense that they had her do the gynecological exam, but other than that there was no direct contact with her. I was glad she was the one to hear the valve problem, showing us by example why she’s on the team.

Um, if Cameron is over House, I’ll give up my Jamie Bamber obsession right now. She didn’t just get him tea, she got him special tea. And House, though obviously finding it distasteful, instead of making some snarky remark, tells her “It’s nice.” Cameron also has the privilege of being next in line to touch the white board if House is incapacitated. Awwww. Wild guess, but the show is choosing to keep all of it’s ship options open.

OK, I didn’t even notice Sela was gone until 45 minutes into the show. That’s not a slam, but it shows me that after three episodes she hasn’t proven she’s important to the show and it’s storytelling just yet.

Wilson is still spending time with Debbie in accounting. Wife No. 3, we never knew you. ;)

I really appreciated that we finally got to see Wilson working within his specialty and taking the lead on a case. (It got me to thinking it might be cool at some future date to see a case entirely from his perspective.) We got to see him exert his authority. I know House doesn’t think twice about cutting open a patient for a little exploratory surgery, but this is a girl whose been through more in nine years than most of us will in our lifetime. You can’t force her or her mother to endure more without a specific reason. Besides, this cut first, ask for more tests later approach has to be curtailed.

Chase kissing Andy, I’m conflicted about. He was trying to do a nice thing for a dying child, but she’s a child. I wish they had played down the humorous reactions to it and brought up the, oh, possibility of Chase losing his career and the hospital losing a lot of money in a lawsuit.

They also perhaps could have delved more into the idea that Andy was manipulative and not the saint that everyone else makes her out to be. I don’t mean that in a negative sense. The girl knows she has a year at most and wants to get what she can out of life. In and out of hospitals, there’s not much for her to enjoy. And I have to agree with Chase that circumstances will make her wise beyond her years. So, she uses her condition to her advantage. Just as House does. Really, if he everyone didn’t know he was in constant pain and wasn’t seen hobbling along on a cane would he get away with as much as he does?

I have to admit when House told Wilson he wanted to tag along to see how brave Andy would be when she’s told she is going to die now rather than later, I had knee jerk reaction to House’s harshness as well. But, it all goes back House’s theory the cancer doesn’t make one special. Not only was Andy seen as special because she has cancer, but because she is a child with cancer. I can’t say as I disagree with this view on an emotional level. However, this is House and House needs to see her as he would any other patient. It’s his nature to treat patient as a mystery in need of an answer; to look beyond the surface and the emotion and the lies. And then I ended up loving him a little bit more because, though he may not be fond of people in general, he does see everyone as a person, as equal, with a right in the determination of how they will be treated. As everyone focused on giving Andy one more year, no one bothered to ask her what she wanted. “I didn’t talk to her…she doesn’t need to know the specifics.” They applaud her (literally at the end) for the brave front she’s putting on (which, to me, signals a maturity beyond her years), yet no one but House thinks to go talk to the person that has the strength to keep up that façade. Ultimately, I think it was easier for them to avoid talking to her directly. Who wants to hear a child say they want the pain to end; they want to die.

But, Andy doesn’t really want to die. It’s not just for her mother that she keeps fighting and suffering it’s for the love she shares with her mother. I think they’re both terrified of being left alone. Yet, when she hugs House at the end (and I think it’s a more heartfelt hug than she gives the rest) it’s because he treated her as an equal, as a person, and he gave her a choice - a voice in her fate. On one level at least, House did empathize with Andy. His choice was taken from him and he suffers to this day.

House learns something from his patient though and I‘m not sure he knew it until triggered by Wilson’s words - “She enjoys life more than you do.” She knows her time is very limited and tries to make the most of it that she can. House has been stuck in place for how long? Yes, he’s surviving, but he’s not living.

The motorcycle! When actor and character meet. Wish we had actually got to see him ride the thing. Damn insurance rules. :(
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