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OK, I'm still not feeling the Supernatural love. It's not that I find it bad or boring, it just seems like X-Files lite to me. Tonight's (or last nights for most of you) ep remnded me of 'The Jersey Devil'. On the plus side with Donnelly Rhodes and Callum Keith Rennie in the same ep I felt like I was watching a BSG reunion. :)

Since It's now tomorrow in England, I guess I technically missed the_royal_anna's birthday. She's one of the lovliest, most articulate, and generous people I've had the pleasure of getting to know. Her only fault is she doesn't post enough. Well, and watch BSG. ;) Happy Belated Birthday Anna!!! I hope you had a magnificent one. :)
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Is that X-Files lite with Nutrasweet, Splenda or Sweet and Low?
It's (Supernatural) no television marvel, but it is just a good bit of fun. At least to me. Plus, I'm a dork and I love that soundtrack. :p
I keep meaning to ask you is your icon from one of Johnny's new movies? I don't recognize the image.
I'm sorry I'm late on answering this. I kept remembering someone asking me this, but couldn't find the email. I'm so disorganized lately!

Anyway, it's from a movie called "The Man Who Cried". Kinda slow and understated, but okay if you're watching for the people in the film (Johnny, Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchett).
I'm not in love with it, and I definitely choose to watch House in that timeslot; however, I've been downloading the eps and I like it. And I do find Jensen Ackles fun. He's not a great actor with loads of range, but he's pretty when he's a smartass. I love pretty smartasses so. ::bats lashes::
Well, if you chose to watch it over House you'd be dead to me. :p

You love pretty smartasses? I couldn't tell. Me? I prefer Brits faking American accents who played tortured souls. ;)
But, hey, I'm just grateful to see scripted genre television that does not suck (I'm looking in your direction, Point Pleasant), so I'll take what I can get.

You make a very good point. I can't say that any of the genre shows I've watched have sucked (I skipped Surface because I heard that it paled in comparison to the other two alien invasion shows) or else I wouldn't still be plugging along with them. They really aren't bad shows, there's just nothing that's hooked me there yet. Invasion was the first one that really glued me to my TV and I'll be interested to see if they can sustain the intrigue or it goes the way of Lost for me and I become paralyzed with not caring very much.
Awwww, thank you! And I'm working on those two faults, really I am. ;) Plus, believe it or not, I am *still* in the middle of your Christmas thank you letter. I will post ot very soon. :)
LOL! Well, December is just a few months away. Feel free to hold it until then. ;)