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I Must be Stopped

I think I'm setting a personal record for posting here today.

Just saw a terrific Con report by Deb for The Harvest over at More Than Spike - Harvest Report.

I cannot wait until someone posts a transcript. I adore Jane Espenson, first for saying that Buffy does love Spike and then for she and Drew Goddard/Greenberg (not sure which) clarifying some aspects of this past season and talking about different types of vamps!

An "I knew it!" to that last bit of information. It seems that it's more then just memories and personality that gets retained in the change. If you were a good person in your human life apparently you retain more of your humanity. It helps to explain why Spike and Angelus are so different.

God, I wish I was there. Sounds like there was some terrific discussion about the show.
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Hey, thanks for the heads-up about that con report. I just finished reading it. Hmmm. Guess I have to cede victory to a certain person (at least in my mind) for starting that "Thank you, James" campaign since it was so important to his career. Damn it. :p
Crystal, you don't have to cede anything; it may have been a factor, but not the only one.
Lynn, you are absolutely right, but I was so negative about the whole thing and then something really positive happened (not solely) because of it. I can give credit where credit is due with no skin off my nose. I'm cool with it. Honest.

And just because I haven't said so yet today...I love you, kitten. ::kiss::
That's because you are a peach of a person :) I do agree with you, the fact that it had such a positive outcome (regardless of its beginnings) and that James is so grateful means one can only feel good for him.

Love you too, sweetie :)
My hat's off to you for fairness and objectivity. You have my respect for that. :)

I'll even go so far as to add that over $4000 raised for the pediatric AIDS foundation was a pretty positive thing too.

Thank you, darling. Hey, that's true too re: the charity. Positive things can sometimes be born of negativity. (And I do hold with my belief that it was indeed born of negativity.)

Luna, it means a lot to me that you respect me. I have nothing but respect and love for you. That's for sure. :-)
If I were a rich girl.....I would have been at The Harvest, dammit. Why don't the writers do more cons in the US? I would love to hear their perspective, especially Jane, because she's so honest and consistent - and mostly because I agree with her ;) I have long subscribed to the fact that the person you are makes an impression on the vampire you become, so it's nice to hear it from the writers.

Wonder what that woman said that was so depressing?

How I wish I could have seen ASH and Robin Sachs.

I think there were a lot of factors contributing to James joining the cast of Angel. Keep in mind, Joss has said he already planned on making James a part of future projects whether it be Angel or a new spin off. And Julie may have a bit of an alterior motive representing James and being at a Con full of James fans.
Very true, Asta. I do believe the WB has heard of James, given that he'd been in their employ for some years ;) And the fact that the character of Spike is widely popular, and will likely bring over a substantial fanbase from BtVS, thereby making a case for bigger ratings.
I absolutely agree with all of that. I'm just saying, "Damn. I guess that ad business was a positive thing." as well.

Keep in mind, Joss has said he already planned on making James a part of future projects whether it be Angel or a new spin off.

Amen. I know. I've always said Joss is brilliant. :-)