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I Must be Stopped

I think I'm setting a personal record for posting here today.

Just saw a terrific Con report by Deb for The Harvest over at More Than Spike - Harvest Report.

I cannot wait until someone posts a transcript. I adore Jane Espenson, first for saying that Buffy does love Spike and then for she and Drew Goddard/Greenberg (not sure which) clarifying some aspects of this past season and talking about different types of vamps!

An "I knew it!" to that last bit of information. It seems that it's more then just memories and personality that gets retained in the change. If you were a good person in your human life apparently you retain more of your humanity. It helps to explain why Spike and Angelus are so different.

God, I wish I was there. Sounds like there was some terrific discussion about the show.
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