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Extra House and BSG

First off, for those who don't already know, tomorrow nights Battlestar Galactica will be running two minutes long. Set Tivo/VCRs accordingly.

And FOX has been so impressed with the numbers for the first two eps of House they've ordered two additional episodes bringing the season total up to 24. :)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled time killing....
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two minutes longer or two minutes later?

Gee now I gotta figure out how the VCR works again.
The Sci-Fi site says two minutes over. This is why I stay home on Friday nights.
Thanks. I have all kinds of TV conflicts on Friday. If I missed two minutes I would scream.

I've seen the Sci-Fi channel start things early before, but this will probably just go 2 minutes late. I will set up to cover both ends.
heh, i first read that as 'i now return you to your regularly scheduled killing time...'
Well, depending on the kind of day I'm having that could be the case. :p
BSG usually starts a tad early anyway, given Sci-Fi has basically deleted the commercials between the shows (as well as trimmed down the intros for the stargates down to about 12 seconds) in order to bolster carry-overs as much as possible.

How can you order more eps this late? Seems risky. 12 ep series seem to have been doing stronger lately, imo.

Funny story: I dressed as House today, with the grey blazer and the red patterned t-shirt; it's funny how he gets seen as a punk for doing it while everyone in academic land looked at me like I was some super authority figure. But god those kids today are an underdressed bunch.
How can you order more eps this late?

Well, it is FOX and 'House' is like a ratings blockbuster for them. Interestingly. 'My Name Is Earl' substantially beat it at 9, but it picked up 1.5 million viewers at 9:30. If it means more Hugh, I'm happy. Plus, since he gets paid per ep I'm sure he's thrilled.

I loved the red short and blazer. It's not just kids that I'm finding to be an underdressed bunch. I work at a large law firm and I'm shocked to see how some of the attorneys dress. I mean, they make tens of thousands of dollars more than I and I dress better. Then again, it's my firm belief money can't buy taste.
Well, House only begun production on the second season back in June or July and then they will be in gear until early April, so FOX can order more eps if they wish.
I am very happy for all you HOUSe viewers....I am one of the "My Name is Earl" viewers. I thought it would be funny, which it is, but I didn't know that I was going to think it was really funny. I love Jason Lee, this show was made for me. I am really excited about the last BSG tomorrow night too, see you created a monster. I completely blame YOU missy!!!!
Hee, for once having to wait for the download pays off. I won't have to much around with the VCR!!!
Well, I know I have BSG Season One to review (finally Uni sent my review copy) when new BSG doesn't come back to until 2006 after tonight's episode.