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Podcast for 'Flight of the Phoenix'

For the conspiracy theorists out there the reason there was no pod cast last week is that RM only had half the episode delivered to him and he didn’t realize it until the ep ended as he was commentating.

BTW, it‘s possible this recap includes spoilers depending on your definition of spoilage. For a change, RM actually talks about relationships on the show - one in particular and how the show has approached it thus far. You can draw conclusions as to what perhaps will happen in the future. If you consider that spoilery then you may wish to skip this. But, there are no specific references to future events.

Many of us noticed editing issues last week. There was a reason. This episode was heavily edited. It ran very long and entire scenes or large chucks of scenes were cut. Here are a few instances:

- The welcome back party for Cally was much longer and they actually went back and forth with keeping any of it in the episode. They toyed with just having her back and allowing the audience to kind of fill in the blanks. Gee, they never do that. :p

- While Tyrol and Lee are speaking in the hanger bay, as another indication of the computer virus playing havoc with Galactica, while the tech is working on the viper the engine suddenly starts up nearly killing several people. Tyrol begins hollering at the tech thinking she screwed up and Lee proceeds to holler at Tyrol for hollering at her. According to RM, this is what Lee and Kara are talking about on shooting range in reference to Tyrol. Er, how does that explain Lee knowing about Tyrol’s project then since it didn’t come about until after that segment?

- There was much more dialogue in the scene between Laura and Doc Cottle. The director and editor chose to take the silent approach letting actions speak louder. Mary improvised Laura’s reactions to the news.

The scene in CIC after Lee and Kara nearly die - it went on much longer with Baltar voicing his opinion that he should be the one to go and talk to Sharon. Adama tells him they have it under control. Baltar then proceeds to leave and has a conversation with Six at the bottom of the stairs.

During the shooting range, RM talks about the affects of hypoxia and thus the actors various reactions (exciting stuff). He briefly touched on Lee and Kara working together to blow open the door. It wasn‘t scripted, Jamie and Katee came up with the idea.

Well, here’s where several of you may begin to get pissed off. The relationship he did go on at length about….Lee and Dee. And, no he hasn’t forgotten about Billy and, yes, he used the term “triangle”. He likes the qualities of a triangle. The scene we saw, at one point, was to open the next ep when they were toying with making it 90 minutes. When that idea was scrapped, it got reinserted here. We are meant to see something going on between the two and the idea of the triangle is something they have been thinking about all season, beginning with the first or second episode. He brought up ‘Resistance’ again and went on to talk about the logic of the relationship (as it is now) and the emotional truth of it. I don’t quite agree with all his ‘logic’. He mentions again how Dee is the voice the pilots hear and that they look on her fondly. As CAG, Lee would talk to her more than anyone else. OK, there’s a big leap from that to I want in your pants. However, it’s the second part of his argument that I do get, probably because it falls in line with some of my own thoughts - there’s nobody else. Their world is not getting any bigger, who’s there is all they have. It stands to reason they’ll start having relationships with each other and relationships that under different circumstances would not be tolerated.

Of course, this still begs the question why would Dee suddenly look to Lee if she has Billy? He doesn’t say, but that’s probably the one problem I have with this scenario right now. I can rationalize Lee’s interest, but not hers (other than the obvious ;). And for the Lee/Kara shippers reading this I can see you wondering why if Lee’s looking for a relationship, why not Kara? Well, I have my feelings about that, but I can still see your POV.

As originally conceived, the battle at the end was to be much more traditional and, ultimately, was too reminiscent of ‘Scattered’. The vipers were to hold off the raiders until Galactica wiped its systems clean. An off-handed comment by RM lead to Sharon being the ships savior. Cylons operate in ways we don’t always understand and though machines trying hard to emulate human form down to the microscopic level, they’ve established they have other methods of data sharing. So, Sharon being able to connect with the Galactica made sense to them.

The ’turkey shoot’ of the raiders was inspired by an air battle in WWII in which the allies slaughtered hundreds of untested Japanese pilots.

Starbuck was being a dick during the test flight. She intentionally let them think she was dead and let it go on for too long. Yet, it seems they thought it was in character so they let it stay. I was zoning out a bit during this point so I may be off on why they kept it as is.

The christening of the ship actually took place before the test flight. The order of the scenes was swapped when they realized that should be the emotional climax.

Tyrol actually talked to Sharon on the phone. Part of his dialogue was an admission that he was ashamed of still loving her. Again, the director and/or editor felt the silence worked better. The point was he faced his demon.

Other odds and ends:

- The entire show was in the early stages to take place entirely in the hanger deck with every person on the coming through. It was deemed to high concept.

- They’ve become increasing intrigued by Racetrack who they now feel is a member of family. She was to only be in KLG.

- There was a debate over Tyrol picking up wrench and nearly hitting Helo with it. The writers thought it painted him in bad light. RM wanted it kept in because he likes to see his characters have those kinds of moments.

- Ron admits visiting the Sci-Fi message board and reading the complaints. Do what you will with that piece of info. ;-)
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