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Podcast for 'Pegasus'

Yes, I’m really late in this write up (blame it on rewatching the mini series and new network TV), but here’s what I managed to cull of interest from the most recent podcast. It doesn’t really constitute spoilage imo, but I’m going to mention some of the things that were cut for time that will appear on the Season 2 DVD set.

RM has been thinking about the Pegasus storyline since he agreed to do the project.

The Director’s Cut ran 15 minutes long which is the equivalent of an acts worth of material. Get this, he actually admits the better version is the longer one. They toyed with the idea of making it a 90 minute episode, but they "couldn’t plump it out". So they went to Universal Home Video and Universal has agreed to show the longer cut when the season 2 DVDs are released.

There will be no Sheba. YAY! It was felt "too cute" of a character concept – two commanders with two kids who happened to be Viper pilots.

Cain is suppose to come off a bit crazy, but she isn’t really a bad person per se (OK, so how does the condoning rape fit into that theory?) and he liked the idea that this ‘crazy person’ then takes over your fleet.

Before Cain boards the Galactica, there was an extensive scene in the corridors with Adama, Laura, and Tigh. As they walk to greet her, Adama talks about who Cain is, how she was promoted over people, was a tough up and comer, and had taken over the Pegasus only shortly before the attack. This is one scene I will assume will be in the longer version.

A subplot about the fleet withholding supplies from the Pegasus because they were withholding help to te fleet was cut (as in never filmed). Er, didn’t we already do that anyway?

The dinner/drinking scene between Adama, Laura, and Cain was longer. Cain explained how the Pegasus avoided the Cylons infecting it’s computer systems - during the overhaul in dry dock most, if not all, computers were offline

And I quote RM. "Their CAG is a big fat hate him." Um, actually, not so much. I don’t recall anyone saying they hated the character. And it’s not like Lee and Kara were on their best behavior. BTW, the CAG’s call sign is Stinger. Did we hear that mentioned at all? I may have missed it.

In the longer version, the tension rising between pilots is played out more. We also get a scene where Cain goes to see Sharon and that segues to her meeting with with Baltar.

I thought his name was ‘Larry’, but apparently it’s Laird, the Pegasus deck chief. His murky reference to "things happened" will be explained in part two. RM also mentioned that Tyrol was relieved of his deck and became second fiddle to Laird. Whether that only appeared in script form or was filmed and cut, I’m unclear about.

RM talks about the Olympic Carrier reference and says that, in their hearts (Adama, Laura, Lee, etc) they know there were people on that ship. Doesn’t mean that’s the truth of the matter, but he feels that they would feel that there probably were.

It seems that there are no immediate plans to reveal Pegasus Six’s name on the show, but in the scripts, it’s Gina, which is a jab at those who refer to the show as GINO (Galactica In Name Only).

He makes a bit of insightful observation about Baltar - that he wants to reach out to Six, but only to the one who has been tortured and raped.

He really didn’t like the scene where it’s revealed that Apollo stole the photo recon package. RM felt it was pushing it – too much of a TV drama convention. No surprise here, but we’ll see more of Kara’s part of that particular storyline in part two.

Sharon’s attempted rape. Now, I thought this was interesting. The version we saw was as it was scripted – Sharon’s rape is averted as Tyrol and Helo get there just in time. As it was shot, she was raped, with the guys getting there as it is happening. :( Originally, I was under the impression two versions were shot, but watching the ep again the scene may have been altered in editing. The script was written by a woman, but from RM’s commentary I got the impression he tinkered with it a lot. He specifically talked about writing the Baltar/Pegasus Six scene and it seemed as if it was his decision to change it from an attempted rape to rape while shooting. I’ll give him credit for listening to whoever told him to go back to the original version, however, it worries me a bit if he’s continually uping the violence on the show.

And that's all until January folks. Stay tuned for my rather long winded posts as I rewatch Season 1. I'll explain why Lee/Laura is the best ship EVA! I kid! Sort of. ;)
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