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Serenity Now!

I keep going back and forth on posting about ‘Serenity’ now as opposed to later when everyone has had a chance to see it, but I figured enough of you reading this have seen it so I can post some initial thoughts. I do plan on seeing it again Sunday and I’m sure I’ll pick up some nuances I missed while trying to follow the overall plot and progression of the character arcs.

BTW, I came within about ten minutes of not seeing the film. There was much drama at the movie theatre - no Universal rep and no one informed the theatre that there was a promotion involving bloggers happening. They did have a scheduled showing as part of a radio promotion. I’m still not sure we should have been allowed in the theatre, but they had plenty of seats. For the full rundown of what happened prior to the film, you can check out raislak‘s recap HERE.

ETA: I thought my intro and cut tagging was a clear indication of spoilage, but apparently not. Spoliers guys.

I know my first reaction should be ‘Oh My God! They killed Wash and Book!” Accept I already knew. ;) I have to say, I wish their deaths had been more meaning. I know, Mal and the rest were meant to feel a more personal loss, but I’m just not sure it was necessary. And, let’s face it, Joss likes killing people. Unfortunately, he killed, in my opinion, the strongest male/female relationship and the potential of Book’s back story. Or maybe Joss decided he didn’t want to deal with Book’s ties to the Alliance so it made him an easy target. At least integrate him more into the story you are telling before you off him. Did I miss why he was at Haven? And after that brief scene, we get only one more in which he dies.

So, yeah, not happy with the character death. But, before people think I’m being unduly harsh, there was a lot I liked. I thought Joss did an excellent job in the first ten minutes or so recapping the series for newbies while not boring the die hard fans to death. The effects serviced the plot rather than substituting for the plot. When’s the last time you saw a sci-fi movie with only one space battle? A decent job was done of reintegrating Inara back into the crew and though there was no great romance between she and Mal I did feel the relationship progress. Speaking of relationships…..Kaylee and Simon! I can’t say I ever shipped anyone on the show, but I did want to see those two crazy kids hook up. He’d sacrificed his life to save River’s and continued to do so every single day on ‘Serenity’. He deserved some happiness. And I loved that the mere idea of having sex with him was enough to make Kaylee want to live. I have to say, after seeing him sans shirt, I understand her reasoning. ;)

I also enjoyed seeing how it’s all connected. (What? I had to make a Buffy reference somehow.) The Reevers just didn’t come to be by being out at the farthest reaches of space, isolated for too long; they’re the result of government intervention gone horribly wrong. Of course, since the Reevers seem to congregate in one place, I’m thinking that maybe some Alliance ships with nukes could have severely curtailed the problem? Then again, maybe they just don’t care about what happens to people until folks on the inner planets start getting eaten.

With the truth revealed, River seems to be free from some of her torment. She’ll never be normal, but, hey, they trust her with rewiring the ship now! And will she be the ship’s new pilot? It would seem she has the basics down. I’m also sensing she has a wee bit of a crush now on Mal. Given the enormous sacrifices she saw him make, at least in part on her behalf, it’s understandable.

And there was lots of great dialogue which, sadly, I‘m not recalling any of at the moment. I‘d give it a B+. :-)
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