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House and Miscellaneous TV Ramblings

This episode probably deserves some really in depth analysis and maybe when I have the time to watch it again I’ll do just that. In the meantime, some general observations:

One thing I’m thrilled to see is that the show has already chosen to focus on other members of the cast. I love Hugh Laurie, but I have no problem sacrificing a few minutes of his screen time to explore the strengths, weaknesses, and history of the other folks on the show. We got to see Wilson’s oncology expertise at work last week. This week we see that in order to get ahead, to be the best, Cuddy sacrificed the desire that drove her to become a doctor. Her guilt isn’t solely attributable to a worker falling off of her roof . It’s about how it became, apparently early on, not about helping people so much as managing the business of helping people. Does it make her a bad person or a failure? No. As House points out they need people like her. She feels guilt, she worries, she cares, she hopes - I’d much rather have her running a hospital than, oh, let’s say, Vogler.

We also learn, wonderfully revealed in increments, that House and Cuddy’s past goes much further back than I imagined. By my rough estimation, their relationship would seem to span about twenty years. And while I had previously felt that guilt for his misdiagnosis at her hospital played a significant role in why she hired him, I’m now thinking that had less to do with it than the fact she knew what a brilliant, if pain in the ass, diagnostician he is. Four other hospitals couldn’t put up with his behavior, but she knew she could. She’s stated before that she doesn’t hate House. When you know someone for as long as she has you learn this is who they are and accept it. You have to do that or cut and run after meeting them. Though, it doesn’t mean you won’t call them on their crap occasionally.

I’m sure the House/Cuddy ship built steam after this. ;) I like how they are both enjoying taunting people with the did they or didn’t they? For some reason I’m thinking the latter, but I could be completely wrong. And I may have rolled my eyes at Cameron’s questioning Cuddy if not for the fact *everyone* was prying (accept Wilson who probably knows the truth). So, Cameron’s actions became less about jealousy and more about curiosity and a desire to find out just what kind of woman he’s most attracted to.

Please correct me if I’m wrong because there is a lot of TV I don’t watch, but I can’t recall in recent memory any show that tackles racism on a weekly basis as ‘House’ does. Most weeks it’s played more subtly, but this week they chose to approach the subject very directly and managed to do so in an astonishingly even handed manner. All the people involved - House, Foreman, and the patient - made excellent points. Just as I found myself agreeing with one, I’d be rethinking my stance. And then I looked at it from the female perspective. There are drugs that work better on women than men. Would I say no to a drug that was tailored to my physiology and would help me getter better sooner or prolong my life on the basis of sexism? Hell no. It’s a fact that biological makeup, proneness to illness, etc is, at least in part, based on race. As Foreman pointed out, ultimately, drug companies are motivated by greed. They will pass off a less effective, cheaper to make drug on third world countries that are desperate for anything to increase their profits just as they will create a drug targeted to help blacks, Hispanics, Asians because of the money to be made here.

While I can see House’s desire to get the patient healthy at any cost, even by lying to him, he failed to see the irony in his actions. The patient may have been wrong in his logic and may have shortened his life, but House took away his choice. And isn’t that what he confronted Cuddy about? She’s looking for any way possible to save a man’s hand that’s toxic and threatening to kill him when, at one time, she was ready to cut off House’s leg to save his life. I loved how the anger that has probably been gestating for years came out with House’s simple accusation of "Can’t work as a cripple".

In other TV news….OK, I’m sorry, I tried really, really hard to like Veronica Mars. But, I just don’t care about any of the characters and if I don’t care about the characters, well, that’s it for me. (Forgive me writteninstars. : ( So, I guess Lost wins my attention by default. Though, should the second ep of the season already have filler?

Tomorrow night Alias premieres. I don’t think I’ll be watching. I’ll tape it and if you all tell me it’s worth a go, I shall watch. Otherwise, I hand wave the last 30 seconds of last season and end it there.

Before you think I’m giving up on everything, I’m still liking Invasion. I wasn‘t paying close attention, but, at any time, was the car with the body in the trunk close to where the diver was found? I‘m wondering rather than them having found a decomposing body, they found a recomposing one.
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