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The No 1 Sci-Fi Movie in America.....and other stuff

Like everyone else on my Flist, I saw Serenity again this weekend.

- I was able to pay closer attention to the dialogue and I think my favorite line may be Mal’s “Yes, I’ve read a poem. Don’t faint.”

- I found myself choking up this time, not at either death, but River comforting Simon, telling him what a good job he did taking care of her, and that it was her turn to take care of him.

- Last post, I forgot to mention how thrilled I was that Joss allowed Simon to find his backbone. I really loved it when he hauled off and punched Mal then refused to back down. He’s definitely come a long way in a short time for a guy who use to jump if you stepped to close to him.

- I still have issues with Wash’s demise. The more I think about it it strikes me that with Joss all couples, especially happy ones, are doomed. Look at his shows and follow the path of broken relationships. Apparently it would kill him to show a relationship that works and thrives. Honestly, I fear now for Simon and Kaylee should there be a sequel.

So, The History Channel is rerunning Band of Brothers Sunday nights and, last night, just as I was searching to see what episodes Jamie appeared in (7 and 8), guess which ep was on? : ) In his first two scenes, blink and you missed him. Not to mention, with the uniforms, the dirt, the blood, and the exhausted appearance of the soldiers it was hard to spot him. He did have one good scene where he gets to holler at their CO. Good training for future work. ;)

I also caught up on all (well, accept for Alias , I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch that yet) the shows I taped last week. Prison Break was actually pretty good and for the first time at least touched on what really goes on in prison even though, miraculously, it doesn’t touch the shows stars. Smallville seemed improved over what I recall of last season. I like it when the show touches upon it’s history or should I say future? Not enough to judge James on yet.

And tonight’s ’Arrested Development’ still has me cracking up because of ….Analyst/therapist or Analrapist! Poor clueless Tobias. Even Buster was one up on him with his ‘It’s not the pronunciation’ that scared him.

Once again, I’m cutting it close, but Happy Birthday! to superplin…who looks stunning in red. ;-)

ETA: Anyone else watching 'Medium' and wondering how may times the writer saw 'Normal Again'? I'm sure it's more a tribute and less a rip off. :p
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