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BSG Mini Thoughts

I rewatched the mini two weeks ago and I’m just getting to posting about it. At this rate I should be done with Season 1 just as Season 2 is back under way. :/ Spoiler Warning: For this particular recap, there are general references to Season 1 & 2, but no specifics. And because I promised k_julia and sdwolfpup there is a section devoted to highlights in the Lee/Laura relationship. I’ll continue to do so in subsequent posts if applicable. ;-)

"Humanity’s children are returning home. Today."

This line got stuck in my thoughts this time around. I’ve been focusing on the Cylons chasing the remains of humanity across the galaxy, supposedly trying to kill them, and attempting to prevent them from reaching earth. But, if the twelve colonies are considered “home” and we know there is a significant Cylon contingent still on Caprica, what if their main goal is to repopulate the colonies with a new, improved society? And not knowing what lies ahead on earth they could be either be a) attempting to stop the fleet from getting there to find help in taking back what was theirs or b) following them to earth to wipe us out as well.

I think the consensus in fandom seems to be that Lee Adama came off as an ass many times in the mini. Credit to Jamie and the writers though for finding moments that also makes him immensely likeable. What I hadn’t focused on before and did so now was Lee and Kara’s reunion in the brig. It’s specifically stated that they have not seen each other in two years. That’s not to say they’ve had *no* contact, but it would imply it being rather limited if it‘s only been through calls, letters, etc. We also have some interesting dialogue from Kara. In regards to his arrival on Galactica she asks, “Did they kiss your ass to your satisfaction?” and, after realizing he still has major issues with his father, "Same old Lee. You haven’t changed either." Feel free to disagree, but I get the distinct impression that even prior to Zak’s death, Lee was not the person he is now and the assish (Yeah, I made up a word) behavior had been part of his character for some time.

All of which leads me to question (again) the Lee/Kara (as opposed to Lee and Kara) relationship and what its foundation is based on. Hell, I may not ship them but I can see the attraction/flirtation we’ve been presented with and now I’m curious to know where it’s coming from. If Lee’s not the same person now as he was when she knew him before, which Lee Adama does she supposedly love?

It’s also interesting to look back on Lee and Adama’s relationship and how the more it’s changed the more it’s remained the same. After two years of silence, Lee takes the first opportunity he gets to lash out again at his father, "Face it, you killed him." There’s even a slight smirk on his face when he says it - one that I’d love to slap off of him. But, a few seconds later you see that look dissolve and tears begin to form. Like every other emotional outburst he’s had against those closest to him, he seems to regret it almost immediately. I think he wants others to feel the pain he’s feeling, yet there is also part of him that doesn’t want to be that sort of person.

Later, when Adama sees Lee for the first time since his apparent death, before a word is spoken, Adama reaches for him and hugs him. Lee returns the gesture. After that, though neither directly addresses the events of the past two years and how it affected them, things are obviously better between them. We would see this same scene repeated in season 2. It would seem that ‘hugging it out’ is the shorthand between them, a way to say it’s OK and quickly move on. Efficient, yes, though I’m not sure the best route to emotional well being.

There’s some obvious foreshadowing in the mini. I tense up now when I hear Laura ask Adama "You planning on staging a military coup?", but there are other less obvious references to things that have happened or are perhaps yet to come. When condemning Adama for Zak’s death, Lee states “One of us wasn’t cut out to wear the uniform.” But, given what we know about Lee’s feelings now, was he talking about Zak or himself?

And I’m still wondering about Baltar being a Cylon. Six tells him that "My memory, my conscious will just be transmitted to a new (body)." upon her ’death’. What if that body wasn’t a Six model, but a Baltar model? Not to mention, it’s odd that she was apparently destroyed, but he walked away from his house being blown up.

Oh, and I picked up on this for the first time, when the viper fleet is wiped out, Sharon’s raptor remains fully powered. It only becomes damaged when debris from one of the destroyed missiles hits the ship. And, conveniently, there were only two missiles fired and with two swallows available on board to prevent a direct hit.

Now, for the Lee/Laura portion of my ramblings. I managed to come up with six significant moments here…

#1 - "Lady's in charge." Even if you’re not a shipper, it’s hard not to love that moment. It speaks volumes about Lee and his ability to quickly access a situation and come to a decision. There’s an immediate admiration that Lee forms for Laura, seeing someone so calm and collected, quick to think and act and completely in control. His slightly stunned expression quickly changes to that of a man very impressed.

#2 - “How far down?” A great moment that establishes how quickly these two come to ’get’ each other. He not only realizes what she’s about to step into, but how overwhelming it is for her.

#3 - This is more a why I love Laura moment. Even before they meet face to face, she’s not taking Adama’s crap, telling Lee to inform the Commander that he is to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet and that it’s NOT a request. And when Lee gently reminds her that he’s Lee ADAMA and that Apollo is only his call sign, her response, "But Captain Apollo has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?' She’s dying of cancer, the world has just ended, they’re still facing probable annihilation, and she still is able to take a moment to flirt. ;-)

#4 - After Lee saves their collective asses via a convenient plot device (even RM thought it was lame), before he can get the words out of his mouth as to what they should do next, Laura does it for him - evacuate the passenger liner and get the hell out of their before the Cylons realize their mistake. “Right there with you Captain.” Again, a brief, understated moment showing just how in sync these two are with each other so soon after meeting. (Side note: This scene also has the first mention of Lee’s stint at War College.)

#5 - Laura was willing to risk all their lives when she refused to make an FTL jump during the previous Cylon attack. The next time around, when Lee advices an immediate jump she listens.

#6 - When Tigh gives Laura a difficult time when she asks for assistance in seeing to the needs of the fleet, Lee steps in and requests that he "Give us a couple of disaster pods." To which Tigh replies "Us?". See, even he sees it. ;p

Now that what might pass for squeeage part of the post is over, a few other random observations…

RM has made many mentions in the Season 2 pod casts of Dee being the voice of Galactica and I found it interesting that we actually hear Dee numerous times in the mini before we actually see her.

Zak died two years prior. Six has been working with Baltar on the defense system for two years. Gaeta has been assigned to Galactica for three. I’m not sure how, but I’m feeling this is all connected.

Tricia had mentioned at the Con that Six’s killing of the baby was a mercy killing. That Six new the child’s fate and wished to spare it unneeded suffering. Watching her face as she walks away, I have to agree with that. She’s visibly upset by what she has just done and seems near to tears.

Leoben talks to Adama of the possibility of Cylons having souls and that humans are one step away from being savages. Given recent events on the show, I can’t say that I disagree with him.

I’m still a little stunned by Lee’s lack of reaction to Kara’s revelation that Zak failed basic flight and she passed him anyway, thus contributing to his death. We’ve seen that Lee represses his emotions until he can’t any longer and then we see the violent bursts of anger. Kara’s confession would have seemed to be a time for it to happen or at least shortly thereafter. I’m sure the bitterness towards and estrangement from his father was caused by circumstances beyond Zak’s death, but I would have expected Lee to still be pissed at Kara for adding to his pain and misconceptions for so long.
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