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How sad is it that I'll be without internet access for 16 hours and that is leaving me very anxious. I get my internet access through work for free, hence me putting up with dial up, and the server is being moved tomorrow to the IS Departments new digs. So, from 4pm Saturday to 8am Sunday morning, I'll be totally oblivious to what's going on in the online world. Maybe I'll get in some more BSG DVD viewing to curb my withdrawal.

Speaking of.....Take a look at the cover art and extras for Season 2.0 on DVD. The extended cut of 'Pegasus' plus sneak peaks will get me to buy it even if a deluxe set comes out later. Currently, Amazon has it listed for $35 which is not making me cringe.

I don't know if it's me or the new TV season, but I'm finding very little to hold my interest. I've already given up on Alias and Veronica Mars (though, I was hardly ever a major fan of the latter). I'm not sure if I can stay tuned in to Lost. It's beginning to make 'The X-Files' mythology seem simple and straightforward. And it seems the shows I do either have a great deal of interest in or am at least interested to see where they may go are on FOX and thus have all been pre-empted by baseball playoffs. Of all the new shows I've tried, Invasion is the only one I remotely look forward to - in large part because it seems less concerned with plot twists then unfolding an actual plot. Plus, it's kinda spooky.

I mentioned in an earlier post, I'd be giving my thoughts on Christian Kane's new series, Close To Home. You can see I didn't rush. It was OK and I'd watch it again for his sake, but it was nothing original. I did appreciate two things. Christian either got all the funny lines or made the lines he got funny. And TV Guide online had this to say - "And by the by, we've got ourselves an Angel alum alert! Check out the hubba-hubba hubby keeping things together on Annabeth's home front. It's good to see you again, Christian Kane — we all knew Lindsay McDonald wasn't down for the count." See, I told you all Lindsey wasn't dead! :p Now, a couple things that pissed me off about the was bad enough that the victim and her children endured horrific violence at the hands of her husband and then she chooses to try and work things out for the sake of the family. But, to make matters worse and made me loose all sympathy for her was that fact that she forced her ten year old son to step up, confront his father, and put an end to the nightmare. I was actually hoping social services arrived at the court to take the kids away from her. But, no, we got the big group hug followed by the make me gag cutesy moment as Annabeth and Jack (Christian) coo over their adorable baby. And I can imagine how many women wanted to slap Annabeth for her bathroom meltdown over having to deal with a job *and* a baby. I don't have a child, but I know several people who have come back after maternity leave and don't have to chant to themselves "I can do this".

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