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What I Did Without Internet Access

As usual, our IS department was overly optimistic with the server move. Yes, they moved it and everything is working internally, but I was unable to get online from home at all yesterday. The issue may or may not be resolved today. So, Monday night chat folks, if you don't see me you'll know why. And a big sorry to k_julia. We'll try again next weekend!

My mom decided she *had* to see a movie this weekend and picked Proof which I had read was only so-so. I have to say, I thought the film was better than the reviews I read. The math stuff flew over my head, but I thought there were some very interesting character moments and four strong performances. Jake Gyllenhaal in particular impressed me. He's the least experienced of the four leads and held his own.

We also caught previews for Brokeback Mountain which I am increasingly looking forward too and The Matador which had my mother announcing we're going to that (Greg Kinner and Pierce Brosnan in a hitman buddy movie? How could one resist?!)

Saturday night, in addition to attempting to watch Alien Vs Predator and quickly deciding to clean out magazines instead because the movie is a waste of film, I managed to plow through all the stuff I've taped over the past couple weeks. This included the season premiere of Alias. OK, I'll agree with the consensus that it wasn't as bad as I feared. The beginning even seemed reminiscent of the 'Alias' I knew and loved, but then stuff happened that left me shaking my head. Are spys just getting dumber and dumber? We start off with the idiocy of Vaughn's captors setting his arm for him so, gee, he can over power them and easily escape. Then we find out the guy that's barking threats and hunting him has been off the grid for two years?! So, APO, the supposedly best of the best, didn't check up on the guy at all???

Now, for the supposed death of Michael Vaughn, who, is, in fact, Michael Vaughn. Sorry, but if your parent changes your name at 18 months it nullifies the shocking plot twist. For the record, I don't think he's dead, whether Syd knows that or not, I'm not sure. There was that odd look between Jack and Syd after Vaughn's body was loaded into the car. I wouldn't be surprised if Jack's hiding him somewhere until it's safe for him to come back. Assuming they can get Vartan, who is not real happy at the moment, to come back. Part of me would actually enjoy seeing him screw over JJ's plans. And I found it odd that Vaughn was shot, what? 20 times?, lives to get to the hospital and when we see the surgeon operating it's in one small area below where, let's say, he could have been wearing a protective vest.

There were numerous plot problems including not tying Prophet 5 to Rambaldi which I'm sure have to be connected somehow...but I don't really care anymore. If Vartan is willing to come back, I'll watch, but that's the only reason.

Sunday was spent watching more of my BSG DVDs. I managed to get through '33', 'Water', and 'Bastille Day' plus the deleted scenes and commentaries. There was actually some really interesting stuff in the BD commentary including the fate of the not-really-missed Boxey. I'll post more once I get my internet back at home.

On Friday I debated posting a spoiler warning to any on you who may wish to read Jamie and Ron Moore's Q&A's with Kristen over at E!Online because, wow, does Jamie in particular spill the beans. But, I didn't because I saw what I considered enough people on my Flist doing just that. Accept, apparently not. I see a couple of folks got spoiled and I feel bad about that happening. So, I guess I shall keep up with the spammage. And, for those folks who were inadvertantly spoiled and may wish some clarification because Jamie and Ron were a bit all over the place, feel free to ask. ;-)

And last but not least...a slightly belated Happy Birthday! to thomasina75 and a (what time is it in Russia?) Happy Birthday! to avrelia. Hope you two both had great ones. :)

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