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Sean Maher Owes Me

Yes, I watched 'Ghost Whisperer' because he guest starred on tonights ep. Also, there was nothing else on. And while he looked very, very good in a fitted black shirt, it was not enough to expunge from my mind the rest of what I saw. It took all fo thirty seconds for me to figure out exactly where the ep was headed and, gee, turns out I was right. The worst part was I actually felt bad for Jennifer Love Hewitt who apparently got stuck with the worst hair, makeup, and costume people in television right now. If the big hair and heavy makeup weren't mind boggling enough, I need someone to explain to me hoe she ended up wearing a couch slipcover as a dress.

On the brightside, I've managed to hook yet another person on a TV show at the opposite end of the creative spectrum, Battlestar Galactica. carrielee is hopelessly in love with the show...and perhaps Helo...nobody's perfect. ;-) Now, I'm waiting to see if she can wait until December 20th to catch up on the first half of season 2 or if my offer to send her the eps on tape will prove too tempting.
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