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Because Divahag Is Disappointed If I Go Too Long Between Posts...

I had a long, relatively pleasant weekend. I took Friday off and actually got lovely weather instead of the anticipated rain. I managed to accomplish all of my errands, dropping way to much money at Kohl's, and had a lovely lunch with the above mentioned divahag. I also got to meet a now not-so-anonyomus reader. Hellloooo Nick! Who I was told is a HUGE Firefly fan so I must point him in the direction of sdwolfpup who, personally, I believe to be on Joss Whedon's payroll. ;) Of course she's also a fan of BSG, Farscape, ST:TNG, Deadwood, Stargate: Atlantis...OK, I'm still trying to come to terms with the last one, but she's my #1 supplier of Lee/Laura iconage so I overlook her faults. ;-)

On Saturday I almost ended up seeing two movies, but after reading writteninstars blistering review of Stay I stayed away. (Yes, feel free to groan rather than laugh at the bad jokes.) I did, however, end up seeing North Country (another mom pick) and found it to be very good. Excellent performances and it didn't sway towards melodrama until the very end. And, honestly, what bugged me at the end is not a fault of this movie alone, but any film or TV show that has a court room scene in it. Dear Hollywood writers, attorneys are not allowed to give heartfelt speeches while they are cross examinig witnesses. They'd be cut off after about ten seconds. Please cease and desist doing this immediately.

Sunday I began the weatherproofing of the apartment. I'm rather limited in what I can do, but the plastic sheeting went up and the warm blankets came out of the closet. I also picked up some of that foam tape to put around the doors. It should all help a bit. If not, feel free to send coal in lieu of gifts this Christmas...though some of you probably already think I deserve that...

I also had several conversations with k_julia who I've come to discover is a) quite the angst girl b) knows her Hornblower (YAY!) and c) is a task master (yes, I'm working on it :p). I think we also managed to outline a fic in which Laura teaches Lee how to knit. And I'm hazzarding to guess will never see the light of day. Hey, if you were there it was really funny.

And the lovely, talented, sweet, and amazingly good natured considering she has three small children ;) elisi had a birthday this weekend. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!. It sounds like you had a good one. :)
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