Yay! Now if only I could see some of them.

I'm up to date on Atlantis, but SG-Ben doesn't start here till November, and BSG S2 January. Waaaaaaaaah!

It's very hard living in a cultural backwater.
But, you did get Doctor Who whereas we still have no premiere date in sight here. Though, I'd gladly sacrifice that for my beloved BSG. It sounds as if you are on the Brit schedule for at least that show, not sure about the 'Stargates'.
Hmmm. I think this good news, but after the last session of SG-1 I'm not entirely sure.
I'm happy that Ben has another year of steady employment, but that's about it.
a huge hooray for bsg, altho hearing that there'll be a 10th season of sg-1 is definitely a surprise. i am both happy and dismayed that it is going to be the longest running sci-fi series in american television history (not sure how the count the numerous dr who incarnations? as multiple shows, like star trek? but i digress). honestly, i don't feel sg-1 is as good as it was a few years ago. with the absence of rda, the snark factor is notably absent. i think i really took it for granted the unique chemistry he had with all of his cast mates. without him, the show just doesn't seem to gel. i'd feel a lot better about the show if the character relationships could be explored a bit further, plus, i still want my gratuitous b-plot where we learn that jack & sam are actually shacking up and have wild monkey love when she's back on earth. ;)

anyhoo,i thank you muchly for the news! january can't get here soon enough for me!