The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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Quick GBP's

I'm ditching work early today due to a slight allergic reaction I seem to be having. Rest assurd, nothing serious, I think it might be related to the new lotion I tried. Benadryl will help, but it will also knock me out. So, before I head home to pass out on the couch watching TV, I wanted to extend some birthday greetings.

First up, a slightly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to ketzel. I know things have been rather 'Eh' lately, but I hope you managed to grab yourself some fun and get some cool prezzies. I only hope we can meet up again next year. :)

And celebratiing (and I do mean celebrating from what I hear ;) a birthday today (checks time zones again...) is a woman of excellent taste ;), not to mention extremely patient and most helpful, k_julia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!
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