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What's With The Birthday's Lately?

It seems I came close to missing one. Happy Birthday! electricexprmnt. I'm so glad you made your way back to LJ so we can keep in touch once more. Hope you are having a great day. :)

I had some hope this afternoon that Benadryl no longer had the effect on me that it once did. Silly me. About an hour after taking it, I was out cold. For three and a half hours. Which meant I slept through a Hornblower film on the Biography channel and most of 'Smallville'. As for he latter, my subconcious really must be over James. I did catch the last ten minutes which left me gagging. And a Buffy joke? Funny, but not so subtle Mr DeKnight.

I took another Benadryl about 45 minutes ago (the itching has subsided somwhat, but I'm still rather bumpy) and I feel like I'm ready to fall asleep again. This is going to be a fun weekend. :p So much for my planned BSG viewing.
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I'm taking mad clorpheniramine (it's another anithistamine, very similar to benadryl but not quite as sleepy) since I too am suffering from allergies.

It turns out in addition to being locally very allergic to bedbug bites (they swell up majorly, and itch like crazy, and don't heal well), I'm SYSTEMICALLY allergic to either the bites, or possibly the feces or sheddings of the bugs themselves. This means I have patches of little bumps (dermatitis) all over my body. It's horrible.
You are now making we wonder if I did get bitten by something. Prior to discovering the patches of little bumps, I did discover a larger one on my hip that I thought wa a bite of some sort. It could be I had an allergic reaction to that just not as sever as your reactions seem to be. I'm not itching at all this morning and my arms seem to be fairly clear, but I still see bumps covering my legs.
My hives have been dormant for a day or two. Now I know where they went.

Poor baby.
I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well :( Sometimes the cure can be more debilitating than the symptoms. I had a terrible sinus headache yesterday and waited until I went to bed to take my Dimetap, which always puts me to sleep, but does help.

As for James on Smallville - that good, eh? ;) I am so glad I was paralyzed with not caring to watch.
Thank you, Asta! I did have a good birthday!
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