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Bamber Related Questions

So, I've seen a couple of LJs mention that Jamie is doing an interview for Playgirl. Let me stress interview. If there are pictures I'm sure they'll be clothed or partially clothed. I'm just wondering where this news originated from. I've checked several BSG and Bamber related sites and communities and haven't turned up a single post on it.

Also, he's been confirmed for the BSG Con in August in Burbank. Did anyone cancel at the last minute last year for the Con? Creation is already listing Gold tickets at $319. Ouch. *If* I even consider, I'd like a reasonable assurance he'll be there since this wouldn't be a cheap trip. Of course, if most of the cast is commited to going, I think it would be safe to assume that production would be shut down.

Er, when did the 'Insert' feature pop up on LJ?
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Er, when did the 'Insert' feature pop up on LJ?
Ah, good. Usually something's been in effect for about two weeks before I take notice.
i saw the same squee, too! not sure what the origin of the interview rumour is, altho i think i originally saw it on bamber_daily

and i think he could well turn me into someone that would fly out west for a con. unless, of course, i can find him and some of the rest of the cast doing something much closer to home.
Normally Burbank wouldn't be my destination of choice for vacation, but Jamie is certainly an incentive to consider it. The closest a Con I wanted to attend has ever gotten to me is Chicago. I've pretty much accepted I have to travel if I want to meet the folks I like face to face. Good to know someone else is as crazy as I am. ;)
considering i'm in pittsburgh, yup!

in all likelihood, i won't be able to go, but it's so nice to dream :)
Thanks. At least that's some confirmation that it's more than rumor. I'll be very excited if someone puts up decent scans and I don't have to buy a copy. Though my mother once bought the mag for an interview with Pierce Brosnan. Perhaps I can call it a family tradition. ;)
Heck, if you're of age, I say buy it with pride, girl!

I'm sure there will be scans everywhere!
What does an Insert do?

Where does it appear?

Thank you Tech Support.
It appears in a box right above the box where you type in your post. The only option seems to be to insert a photo. That's as far as I got with it.