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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I finally took the plunge and followed through with one of my threats promises. I’ve written a fic. Not a Spuffy fic like I envisioned long ago (OK, a year ago), but a Lee/Laura fic. How did this insanity come about? Why did I decide to torture you all? There were several factors. The first being a woeful lack of Lee/Laura fic. Come on, do we really need more Lee/Kara fic? OK, YOU, I see you typing yes...back...away...from the keyboard.

Second, after I saw ‘Resistance’ for the first time I got hung up on a particular image I wanted to see but knew I wouldn’t. (NO, not THAT image. Get your minds out of the gutter…but just for the moment. :)

Then came Dragon*Con and a discussion with sdwolfpup in which we lamented the lack of Brig!Fic!. I had this grand idea at the time that I would do just such a fic as a sort of belated surprise birthday present for her. Um, how about early Christmas? Yeah, I really didn’t expect this to take two months. Not that I’ve been working on it two months straight. I’m not *quite* that slow. Though my beta was forced to crack the whip the past two weeks. And I feel she enjoyed that far too much. Speaking of the whip cracker...

I have to give a huge thanks to k_julia. With her assistance I managed to raise the level of this fic from mediocre to not bad. Though, she may gave caused me to have screaming night terrors over POV issues in the process. But she amused me muchly the other day when she complimented me on my patience and willingness to take the time and work out the kinks (take that as a pun or not ;). Silly girl. She didn’t realize that I’m actually an incredibly impatient person. The only thing reining in the impatience was the specter of humiliation looming over me.

I’m a bit surprised that no one has asked what the hell I’ve been up to the past couple weeks. Julia and I have been exchanging hints around LJ about ’the thing’ and ’the project’ and what I’ve been working on in secret. So, either I was more subtle than I believed or you people just don’t care about me. Fine, be that way. I never liked you much either.

Now for my long winded (don’t feign surprise) disclaimer...

I’m aware there’s some really good Lee/Kara fic out there. But, much like Spander before it, it’s a pairing that doesn’t interest me and, therefore, I don’t read it. My point is if you don’t get my supposedly weird ass obsession with the twu luv of a hot, emotionally messed up vipor pilot and a woman dying of cancer who is old enough to be his mother, than feel free to move along. I’ll still love you. OK, like you. Well, tolerate you. Actually, why are we friends again?

There might be a couple of you who don’t think me completely insane and willing to give my delusions a read. But, unfortunately you haven’t seen Season 2 yet. This may present a problem as the fic in question does take place during Ep 4 of the current season. How spoilery is it? Well, I don’t reveal that _______ ________ . Or that ______ and ______ commit _______. But, there are references to things that have happened in the first four eps.

Oh, and, uh, yeah, this, I guess, is NC-17. Or a really, really, really strong R. No longing looks and tentative arm touching for me. Nope. On my first fic attempt, I have to go with what one may say is PWP. Though, I do feel there is some plot. God knows I spent enough time obsessing over how it could fit into the ep and how and why their relationship would/could progress to *that* point. Of course, a few of you may be wondering how someone locked up in a cell with a guard posted right there could have sex. Well, if you want to know the answer you’ll just have to read it now won’t you. :p And if you do opt to read it, don’t do it in public or else risk embarrassment on public I’ve heard.

Now that I’ve sufficiently warned you and if you have any interest in reading Time and Space (I title I *just* came up with) check out my next post. And I’d really appreciate critical feedback...keeping in mind I haven’t written anything remotely close to fiction (barring my resume) since high school.
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Oh, you just think you're so smart now. :p What can I say? It's hard to resist the temptation of Lee Adama locked up and at my mercy. ;)
I'm highly amused that I've been blessed for writing porn. ;)

I'm eager to read your reaction. It may effect whether or not there's a sex-on-the-run follow up.
I haven’t written anything remotely close to fiction (barring my resume) since high school.

Very funny.
Oh you may think it's funny....well, actually, the bit about me knowing computers was funny.

Your statement reminded me of Jerry Doyle's (played Garabaldi on Babylon 5) resume where he indicated he was a graduate of the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
Don't kid yourself, that's an adult rating. Oh yes. :-)

So I'll go as the whip-cracking squee-monger in the future? Though the squee-mongering whip-cracker has a certain ring to it, too...

This is really funny, too. *g*
Hmmmm, me thoughts. But, I think I'll have to stick with initial feeling that they're more into spanking. ;-)
I don't know any of these characters, but I'm so excited that you're writing that I'm gonna read anyway! Will definitely read tonight after I get all the cleaning and stuff done around the house.

*so excited for you!*
Thank you! And I'm flattered. :)

(Psst, least it's not 'Veronica Mars' fic. ;)
Congratulations on writing your first fic! I know for me it would be very intimidating to go from being a reader to a writer, so I think it's kind of inspiring that you decided to do it. Now, if only it were Spuffy...;) (Kidding. I'm kidding!)

keeping in mind I haven’t written anything remotely close to fiction (barring my resume) since high school.

(sighs) Ah, you never forget your first. Looking forward to reading!