Asta 2

Time and Space

Title: Time and Space
Author: Asta77
Pairing: Laura/Lee, who else?
Rating: NC-17, M, whatever
Disclaimer: Sci-Fi and Ron Moore own BSG. If I owned any of the characters it would be Lee Adama and I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing fic when I could be...
Spoilers: Through ‘Resistance’
Dedication: Well, sdwolfpup lamented there was a lack of brig fic - blame her. And mucho thanks to k_julia for all *her* patience and assistance.
Summary: They’re in the brig, stuff happens.

Lee sat down on the edge of his cot, laced his fingers around his neck, and hung his head. Once again, he tried to block out what was left of the world around him, believing it would probably be the closest thing he would have to a moment to himself all day. While he sought peace, his mind would inevitably go to places he wish it didn’t. Too much in his own head, Kara would say. And, sure enough, every thought in his mind seemed to converge at once - every fear, every insecurity, every question. His father was still unconscious and the knot in his gut was telling him he had run out of opportunities to make things right between them. If by some miracle he did wake up, Lee was sure he’d only face further disdain and disappointment. He was being forced to take orders from a man who he watched fall apart by degrees. Who reminded him of what a failure he was at every opportunity. Yet, if not for Lee, Tigh and most of Galactica would have been vented into space. And Kara. Even if she had made it to Caprica, could she have…He couldn’t go there. He’d lost too much already.

Two things kept him going now and gave him a faint sense of optimism. Somehow amidst this mess he had helped to create he was gaining support, even respect. “I wish you were in command, sir.” Dee’s words still echoed in his head. It provided quite the boost to his ego, allowing for some of the old self-assurance to resurface. Some people believed in him. And the president, though he remained skeptical of her means to an end, seemed to be successfully campaigning to reclaim what was hers. Surprisingly, being thrown in the brig had turned out not to be the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Lee looked over at Laura. She was still staring intently at the corporal. He could tell from the intensity of her eyes, the coy smile affixed to her face as she continued to nibble on the licorice that the wheels were turning. She was plotting her, no, their, next move. “She’s just a school teacher.” His father’s words. He had always underestimated her. Was it that failure on his part or Lee’s betrayal that had angered him most?

Whatever anger Lee had harbored towards her he had abandoned. At the time the feelings had made sense to him. He had been willing to sacrifice everything, lay down his life for this grand, noble cause and she had surrendered. She’d betrayed his faith and trust. It wasn’t until the Cylons had boarded Galactica and he needed to take leave of her that it hit him with just a few simple words from her, “What about you?” When they had been on Colonial One, guns pointed in all directions, several at him, had there been a moment when she stopped thinking about the presidency and thought of his welfare instead? Maybe he was wrong. But he had a nagging feeling that he wasn‘t completely mistaken about her intentions. You could never completely separate personal feelings from professional.

His thoughts were suddenly broken by, “Are you sure you don’t want some?”

Looking up, he saw Laura extending her arm, piece of licorice in hand. He rose from the bunk, stretched his battle weary body and proceeded to take a few steps forward. Voice lowered, he responded, “I told you, Madam President. I hate the stuff.”


Lee spoke with a slight smile. She hadn’t seen him doing much of that lately, but that oh-so-pleasing quirk of his lips was beginning to come back. Most men imprisoned would experience a change for the worse. However, Lee Adama, in recent days, had seemed more relaxed than she had ever seen him. He was becoming more confidant and less reserved around her. His habit of keeping an acceptable, safe, distance seemed to have evaporated as well. Of course, the cramped quarters and need for whispered conversation might have had something to do with it. Still, and though it barely qualified as intimacy, she found herself greatly anticipating his approach.

Barely above a whisper, not wanting to insult the corporal’s kindness, and smile still plastered on her face she said, “You expect me to suffer alone then? Captain Apollo, I always believed you to be more of a gentleman than that.”

Lee’s smile broadened. He looked….adorable. Gods, she was now thinking of her military advisor as adorable. When had that started?

Days after they met she supposed. She seemed to recall a moment, him attempting a joke about her taking a vacation just before she confessed she might not be around for the next election, when her heart seemed to skip a beat.

“Colonel Tigh may not wish to accept it, but I’m still the President and, as such, I believe it remains within my power to order you to assist me in any and all matters.” She paused before proceeding in a tone of mock admonishment, “Now, help me eat this damn stuff.” It warranted a chuckle from Lee, who took another step forward that found him within inches of her.

“I’m not certain that you have the articles to back you up on this matter, Madam President, but far be it for me to make our current constitutional crisis any worse.”

Laura reached forward, her intention to offer it to him, but Lee had not extended his hand. Rather, left hand casually resting on the bars, his right on his hip he leaned forward, mouth slightly open.

This was new, intriguing, and a bit worrisome. Difficult as it was, she managed to pry her eyes away from his mouth long enough to search his eyes. Damn, had they always been that blue? What could he possibly be thinking? She took a sideways glance at the corporal, who seemed to be occupied with an interesting passage of the book he was reading. She returned her focus to Lee. Normally she would simply find the image before her humorous. However, now she found herself mesmerized by the implication he presented.

Something made her choose to abandon more rational thought and she reached towards the bars, raising her hand to his mouth. He inched forward, his tongue darting out to accept the piece of candy, lightly brushing her fingertips as he did so. Laura felt a small shiver race down her spine and the muscles tighten in her back. She tried to decide whether the contact was a deliberate action on his part or a result of her hesitating to pull away.

She stared at him for several seconds in silence. Laura doubted President Adar had ever been caught staring at his military advisors as she was staring at hers now. Then again, none had looked like Lee Adama. It quickly dawned on her how inappropriate this could appear. Lee must have felt the same way as his eyes went to the floor and she glanced back to the usually attentive corporal, whose nose had apparently remained buried in the book during the entire scene.

“Thanks,” Lee muttered quietly. He backed away, hands now shoved in his pockets, suddenly looking like a child ashamed of being caught at doing something naughty. Laura imagined herself looking equally taken off guard. As his eyes darted around the room they finally came to rest on her bunk and specifically where the offending candy and little bundle of chamallah sat. His brow furrowed a bit. He suddenly looked upset, concerned. His eyes came up to meet hers. Composed once more, he quietly asked, “How are you? I realize I haven’t...I heard some of what happened. The Quorum seeing you. Billy mentioned that you had suffered some withdrawal symptoms before they arrived.”

Upon his return to the brig after the rescue on Kobol, she had given him the essential, in other words, politically relevant details of what had happened, leaving out the more personal effects and ramifications. Laura had been relieved that Lee had not been there to witness her near collapse. She didn’t believe it had been an effort on her part to protect him from any more pain. Rather she had always felt it had been her strength, her resolve in a crisis that had drawn him to her and part of her feared losing his support and respect, losing him, if she revealed any weakness. For some still hazy reason, it troubled her to think of him seeing her vulnerable.

Perhaps it was the thought of a blithering, delusional idiot not looking so attractive to him.

“I’m feeling much better. Billy...I don’t know what I’d do without Billy.” Or you, she thought silently to herself, but this wasn’t the time or place, if either even existed for them. She decided she had to alter the direction this conversation was going as well as try to lighten the mood. “Although I could have used your help distracting Ellen Tigh. She wouldn’t have taken notice of me or my well being with you here.” She smirked and then felt her smile broaden as she caught Lee’s wide-eyed expression and rapidly flushing cheeks. The man had a strong will. She’d seen him face down two Cylons. Yet he could still so easily be taken off guard. It was quite adorable.

That word again.

“I...” Lee tripped over his own words. She knew he would have to regain control. She watched as he cleared his throat, straightened his posture, and tried to exude casual confidence with a shrug of his shoulders. “I have no idea...”

She put her hand up to stop him. “Captain, please, I was there. I’m just surprised she had the restraint to keep most of her intentions underneath the table. Honestly, I thought she was about to have you for dessert.”

Lee looked mortified and Laura felt she should feel bad, working hard to suppress the laughter bubbling up within her chest. He was in obvious discomfort. Still, she couldn’t seem to muster much sympathy.

Lee sighed and dragged his fingers through his hair. “I had hoped it wasn‘t that obvious.”

“Sorry, Captain, what Ellen lacks in subtlety, she also lacks in grace. Considering her choice of husband, I was surprised by her good taste. I can’t fault her for...” Laura stopped herself, stunned by where she had suddenly allowed the conversation to veer. Maybe he hadn’t...She peered at him over the top of her glasses and realized it was too late. Lee had caught her tipping her hand. His previous embarrassment was giving way to a mischievous smile. He was contemplating something. It both exhilarated and terrified her.

He approached her and keeping his voice low, said, “I’ve heard a lot of comments about Ellen Tigh. I can’t recall anyone mentioning her good taste, especially in men before. Most would feel her qualifications for a good…partner…are limited to a warm body.” He was going to push this. And whatever the next words out of his mouth, things were bound to grow more uncomfortable. She felt her resolve fading. Fortunately, given the current circumstances it would be impossible to act.

He stepped right up to the bars, the nearness of him enveloping her in warmth. Her arms, which had been tightly crossed in front of her, relaxed in response and she felt the urge to reach out to him. He was so close now that as he exhaled his breath tickled her face. “I am curious though why….”


“Madam President, are you hungry?”

Lee saw Laura startle slightly as the corporal spoke to her. She placed her hand on her chest as if to try steadying her breathing. As well as he knew her, he wasn‘t able to judge if she considered the interruption a welcome or ill-timed one. His own emotions leaned toward disappointment rather than relief.

“Excuse me?” The tone was harsher than it should have been. Lee smiled inwardly. She was as disappointed as he was. He hadn’t thought much about lunch. Though an empty stomach would explain her constant nibbling on the licorice she so detested. Looking at the clock, Lee saw it was a few hours past their normal meal time. Since Tigh’s other plan had failed, maybe he now intended to starve them to death.

“Your meal should have been here some time ago. I can…”

“No, it’s not necessary. I’m sure it’s just a delay. I’ll be fine.”

“But, if you’re not…” Lee was sure he meant to finish with ‘well‘. Glancing over at Laura, he could sense her try not to cringe. Not only was she being reminded of her failing health, but the reverence she was now expected to receive in her new role as prophet - a much more difficult position to fill than that of president. His thoughts were broken by Venner’s, “I’ll go check on it.”

“Really, it’s not….I don‘t want to see you get into any trouble”

Lee quickly picked up on where Laura’s concerns were coming from. The corporal was a valuable asset, one they could not risk getting replaced by another, less sympathetic guard. Not to mention there was a more immediate problem. Left alone together it would be nearly impossible to avoid whatever it was that was happening between them. Up until now, Venner’s presence had guaranteed that nothing more than innuendo and perhaps some flirting passed between them.

“There are two guards outside the door. Besides, the captain has given his word to the colonel. There’s no problem here.” With that, Venner picked up his helmet and headed for the door before Laura could say another word.

Laura sighed and rubbed her forehead as he exited the room. Quietly she stated, “He hasn’t figured out that your word to Tigh only applies to when you are on duty.” More to herself than to him she continued with, “I wonder who else hasn’t.”

Lee was slightly stunned. “You knew?”

“I’m a school teacher, remember? And a politician. I have an affinity for language...and loopholes.”

He smiled. He should have known. Damn, he'd underestimated her. Like father, like son. More alike than he’d cared to admit apparently.

Before he had a chance to speak, she went on. “And any man who could successfully negotiate at gunpoint with Tom Zarek can certainly come up with a plan during his, well, perhaps free time may not be the best choice of words.”

Zarek? She couldn’t know that…no, just a coincidence. And now was not the time to discuss that brilliant idea of his. He had other things on his mind. “By my calculations, we only have about twenty minutes - ten minutes to the mess and back - and no way out of these cells just yet.”

“You have been doing your homework, Captain.” She said it matter-of-factly without any trace of surprise in her voice. Who knew that confidence could be such a turn-on. “It seems we’ve been given twenty minutes to ourselves with no prying eyes or ears. How do you suggest we best utilize the time?” Did she mean to sound suggestive? If he was being given the choice, he was opting to take a more personal meaning from her comment. He approached the bars again and leaned forward, bringing his arms to rest along one of the horizontal bars and placing his chin on his folded hands. He focused his eyes upon her and sensed her unease. How to play this? He didn’t want to spook her, so he felt his best attempt was humor. Quirking one eyebrow, he nonchalantly spoke, “I have a few thoughts. You?”


He sighed. He was too tired for any more evasions, his energy sapped by lack of sleep, worry, and their current predicament. He just wanted….hell; he wasn’t sure what he wanted anymore. Hope? Comfort? Peace. And the one person who could offer it to him was standing right in front of him. “Madam President…”


Laura suddenly felt trapped and not by the cell or guards outside the door, but by her own emotions. She had felt an attraction for Lee for some time, but dared not act on it. Political complications and her mortality played a significant role in her decision to ignore as best she could any less than platonic feelings, but that wasn‘t all of it. What if the feelings she had were hers alone? What if she was misreading the uncomfortable pauses, the averted eyes, the concern for her? And what of Kara Thrace? She suspected his feelings for her went beyond friendship and ties to Zak, but if Lee wasn’t able to address the issues that existed there, it was not her place to bring them up. And, at the moment, she was very aware of Lee looking at her, not as the president, but simply as a woman. She began to wonder why she was wasting precious time debating this; time she did not have much of left. If she was fortunate enough to have a handsome young man want her, then what the hell was she doing not doing anything?

She walked towards him and for the first time in quite some time, she was unsure of what to do. She stared at his face. Lately, she had found herself trying to memorize every feature. Life had become so precarious for them and she felt the necessity to hold on to all the memories she could. As she drew closer, almost without thinking, she found herself reaching out to the scar just below his right eye. She softly traced it with her finger, eliciting a small shiver from Lee. “That was from the fight you had on Cloud 9. Seems so long ago. I suppose we could almost say simpler times.”

Just as she was about to remove her hand, Lee stopped her by gently taking hold of her wrist. He brought her hand to his lips, softly placing a kiss first upon the inside of her wrist, then her palm, before looking back up at her. His expression was a mixture of puzzlement, concern, and something she had not dared to hope she'd see again…passion. Eyes not wavering from hers he asked, “What are we doing?”

“I’m not sure anymore.”

“Whatever it is, we better quit wasting time.” Not the most romantic thing to say; then again of all the impressions she had of Lee Adama - thoughtful, caring, strong, passionate - romantic was not one of them. And they were both pragmatic and he was right there and time was a luxury they did not have. She felt herself slowly pulled towards him until she was flush with the bars. He maneuvered his face as far as he could through one of the openings, seeking to bring his lips to hers. She heard herself take in a sharp breath followed by “Lee, maybe…” before he silenced any protestations from her with a kiss.

Laura Roslin had thought her days at melting at another’s touch were far behind her. She'd been wrong. Lee’s lips were soft and warm and oh so inviting. How was it possible that he wasn’t someone else’s? She found it difficult to imagine some young woman having this and letting it go. But her image of the man was born of brief encounters and harrowing experiences. What had he been like before? She wished she had the time to find out.

She had no intention of pulling away and Lee took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, gliding his tongue gently over her lips, coaxing them apart, before sliding his tongue inward to meet her own. The damn bars were a nuisance, but in her experience, Lee was extremely talented at tackling difficult situations. He let go of her wrist, dropping his hand to her side, before resting it on her waist. His grip tightened, then abruptly loosened. Was he thinking her fragile perhaps?

With her hand now free, Laura let it fall to his shoulder, gripping tightly onto the fabric of his jacket, trying to show him how anxious she was to feel the strength that lay beneath while also working to maintain her balance. She found the kiss, or perhaps the lack of oxygen from it, was making her dizzy. She hated to do it, but she felt herself pushing back, freeing herself a bit from his grasp and breaking the kiss. “Captain…”

He seemed to snap back to reality. She could feel the tension arise in his shoulders and neck through his uniform. “I’m...I’m sorry. Should I stop?”

“No!” Well, that came out a little more desperate than she wanted it to sound. “No,” she smiled, hoping it would help to relax him again, “I just needed to breathe.”

He grinned broadly and seemed to let the tension fall away, responding with, “As you order, Madam President.” His right hand made its way to her chin cupping it tenderly as he turned her face away from his; the fingers delicately stroking her cheek before coming to rest on her neck. He slid his other hand around to her back, guiding her closer. Distracted by what his hands were doing, she was a bit startled as she felt his tongue sweep over the vein along her neck. “Gods,” was all she could muster before letting her head fall back further to grant him better access.

She needed to steady herself once more. Her hold on his upper arm tightened while she let her free hand find his waist. It didn’t remain there long as she allowed it to drift around to his back before sliding down to cup his ass. A gentle squeeze and she could have sworn she heard Lee yelp. The feel of the vibrations of his laughter against her neck confirmed her suspicion. It was a wonderful feeling. It didn’t distract him from what he was doing for long, though, as he quickly returned to licking and softly nipping before sucking on a particularly sensitive spot right below her ear.

“Careful, Captain,” she said breathlessly, “we can’t have suspicious marks that I have to explain to the press. Or is this part of the plan you’re working on? Getting the fleet to rally against the president’s mistreatment?” He laughed again and then moved back a little to look her in the eyes.

“Sorry, not thinking very clearly. I suppose it would be wise to move on to parts less visible to the naked eye.” The look he gave her was one she had seen on a few previous occasions; the slightly bemused stare she would receive when she didn’t quite get something. Generally, it arose from her ignorance of military protocol. He was always polite about it, of course, but she always believed part of him enjoyed having the upper hand. She was getting the same sense now.

He briefly caressed her cheek before letting one finger leisurely trail from her neck, to the hollow at the base of her throat, her clavicle, before finally stopping at the top of her blouse. Effortlessly, he undid the first two buttons and began to trace the outline of her bra, following every curve. Damn, the man was frustratingly thorough. Finally, she got what she wanted as his hand slid underneath the fabric to tease her nipple. She couldn’t help but arch into his touch. It seemed to be just the encouragement he needed as he wrapped his hand around her breast and began gently massaging her sensitive skin. Instinctively, the hand she had on his ass tightened and she pulled him as close to her as she could get. She tipped her head forward to look into those blue eyes now slightly glazed over as she was sure her own were. She kissed him hard, but it wasn‘t enough. Desperate to be closer to him, to touch his skin, to feel his heat, she began working at the buttons of his jacket.


Lee’s own need to have skin on skin was as urgent as hers now. He didn’t hesitate releasing his hold on her to aid in her efforts. Working together as well as they ever had, the jacket was quickly undone and discarded. He had turned slightly to throw it onto his bunk and before he had completely turned back around, Laura had one hand firmly caressing his arm while the other had made its way under the hem of his shirt, teasing the sensitive hair and skin along his ribs and stomach.

As Laura continued with her explorations, Lee wanted to return his attention to her lips. He noticed the hair framing her face, sticking to her now damp skin. He brushed the hair aside before letting his fingers be drawn through the strands, enjoying the feel of it. He wished he had the time to explore every inch of her. He brought his hands back to her face, holding her still, while planting a series of small, soft kisses upon her lips before once again using his tongue to urge them apart in an effort to further explore the warmth of her mouth.

Maneuvering the bars was proving an increasingly difficult task for him. It was awkward enough to work hands and lips, banging repeatedly into metal, but it was also making him painfully aware of his growing erection. Laura’s teasing caresses and gradual movement towards his waist weren’t helping matters any. He was going to need some relief before the guard returned, yet how far to take this? How far did she want it to go? It was an awkward, not to mention politically volatile situation they found themselves in. He could see the wire service reports now - first the president’s insanity and now her sexual depravity. Great fodder for Tigh’s cause. But Laura seemed to be feeling as good as he did at the moment and who knew when they might possibly get another chance. Instead of looking ahead to the consequences as he generally did, Lee decided to take a risk.

He released one hand from her face and traced a path down her neck, her breasts, her waist and then a bit farther - his fingers grazing her inner thigh before moving back up to direct his attention between her legs. Gently but firmly, he began rubbing back and forth along the seam of her pants.

She broke the kiss, gasping, going wide-eyed at his touch. He pulled back a little to search her face and see if he should continue. When her hand dropped to cup his erection, he had his answer. He continued stroking through her clothes, looking into her eyes the entire time. But it wasn’t enough any longer. As if reading his mind, she began to undo buttons and zippers and he followed her lead.

Laura succeeded in her quest first and as she grasped onto Lee’s length - warm, soft fingers surrounding him - his head fell forward, bumping into the barrier between them. Exhaling through clenched teeth, he could only manage “Frack.” His response seemed to encourage Laura. Slowly, she began sliding her hand up and down, idly teasing him by alternating between light scrapes of her fingernails and gentle squeezes of her fist. He closed his eyes. He realized if he were to watch what she was doing to him, this would be over then and there. Not that he was gong to last long anyway. He felt her arm slide down his back to make its way under his shirt. As she pulled up the material, cool air hit his skin sending a chill through him as fingernails proceeded to draw lazy patterns on his back. Her other hand continued to offer agonizingly slow movements up and down his length. His control was harder and harder to maintain as he groaned and shuddered at her touch.

After a few moments, Lee managed to regain some of his self-control and was able to return his attentions to her. His hand skimmed the silk of her panties before finding its way beneath, moving to explore the folds of her skin, slowly sliding his fingers back and forth. In return, he elicited a series of small tremors and moans from her. Her head came to rest on the bar in front of her while her nails dug into his shoulder blade. How he would explain the marks to the other viper pilots he did not know, nor did he particularly care at the moment

Lee moved his free hand to her hip, fingers splayed across her thigh before gripping so tightly he feared leaving bruises. But she had made it clear she wasn’t weak and the idea of leaving his mark gave him a small thrill. His other hand sped up its ministrations. The slickness he was feeling further confirming the desire Laura had for him. Her breath was becoming increasingly ragged, the movements against his hand more urgent. She wanted more and he wanted to give to her as much as he could. While he began gently rubbing his thumb over the little bundle of nerves, he slid one, then after a few tentative strokes, two fingers into her welcoming body. Her grip on him tightened, causing him to gasp from the pressure and leading her to speed up her progress on him.

For some time, he wasn‘t exactly sure how long, they sought to please each other. She sliding her hand over him; finding new ways with her movements to torment him. He by rubbing her now swollen clit as he dragged and pumped his fingers in and out of her. It crossed his mind take her completely. But as appealing as it was to contemplate, he quickly decided it would be too difficult and ultimately not very fulfilling. Besides, he still had some foolish romantic notion of lying with her in a bed doing things to her that up until now he believed would be relegated to his fantasies.

Lee hadn’t completely lost his senses; he glanced at the clock. Five minutes. Frack.

As much as he wanted this to go on for as long as they both could hold out, the reality was it had to end. Lee’s mouth found her neck again. He planted several small kisses there as he made his way to her ear. Once there, he outlined it with the tip of his tongue, causing her to tremble a little. Pulling back just slightly, his hot breath on her skin, he murmured “Laura.”


Oh gods, her name. She couldn‘t even recall the last time someone she cared about had used it. She was close now. “We’re running out of time” he whispered. He picked up speed with his hand while applying deep pressure both inside and out. “You have to come for me, Laura.” As if knowing that would break her, he moved to her lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth and silencing her cries as she did just what he asked.

She spasmed around his fingers. She felt like she was floating - completely disconnected from her own body. Her hand on him had to be acting of its own accord now. She was aware of nothing but this feeling of bliss, of freedom that Lee had given her. A couple more strokes and her strangled cries into Lee’s mouth were apparently all that was needed to send Lee over the edge as well. Warm fluid spurted over her hand, onto the bars, his shirt. A few more reflexive motions - he thrusting into her hand, she bringing her hips against his hand to prolong her orgasm - and they became still.

He was first to attempt to move, releasing his grip from her hip and moving his hand to her hair. He gently held onto her head as he placed kisses along her cheek, jaw, and lips before resting his forehead upon her own. Both of them were still panting.

As he removed his hand from within her, Lee’s eyes fell to the space between them. He began to laugh. He stepped back, looked Laura in the eyes, and forced out, “Seems like we’ve made another mess for ourselves. “ Least it wasn’t for nothing this time, she thought. He continued, “Uh, I think we need to clean up a bit before the corporal gets back.”

Laura looked back at him, the bars, and the evidence of what they had just done. “Good plan, Captain.” They turned from each other and headed to their respective wash basins, hastily doing what they could to tidy themselves up. Lee seemed to finish first even though he had to struggle to try and make his only shirt presentable. Giving up, he put his jacket back on to avoid any questions. With the wet rag he had been using he moved back to where they had stood and did a thorough clean up of the bars. After adjusting her glasses, straightening her clothes, and neatening her hair in the mirror she found herself nearly presentable. The rosy glow she was sporting would be impossible to hide, though.

She turned around to catch Lee staring at her and met his gaze. He began to say, “I suppose we should…”

“How much time do we have?” she cut him off.

He looked back at the clock and raised an eyebrow. “About a minute. Guess it will have to wait. But, just to let you know I’ve…for awhile now I‘ve thought about…it’s not just because of…”

“Captain.” She silenced him and walked over to him, resting her hand on top of his. “Me too.” The smile he gave her warmed her once again. Maybe no words needed to be spoken.

The door began to open and Lee quickly turned to throw the rag into the basin, taking a couple of steps back from the bars and, as he did so, attempting to look as innocent as possible. Laura, for her part, leaned against the bars, crossed her arms, and smiled.

“So, you two are still here.” The corporal’s attempt at a joke.

Laura put her fake presidential smile back in place “Still here.”

“I managed to rustle up some sandwiches and fruit for you both.” He presented Laura with her meal first, then Lee. They thanked him and walked back to their respective bunks.

If she hadn't been before, Laura was certainly famished now. After a few bites, she peered up from her sandwich to see a barely controlled smile curling up at the edges of Lee’s mouth. Self-satisfied bastard, crossed her mind. She had to put a stop to this now. Nonchalantly she asked, “Aren’t you hungry, Captain?”

“Yes, but...” She watched as Lee paused, then provocatively licked his lips. “I’m still relishing the licorice.”
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Squee! A new L/L smutwiter in the fandom! *bounces*

You've answered one of the most burning questions from early season 2: just how much sex is it possible to have in the brig? I think I like your answer very much. ;)

I love the way you work in little canon details, like Laura figuring out about Lee's oath and what it doesn't cover, and his scar from the fight in season 1. The smut feels very real and pausible, as well as hot. Lee's great here, going for what he wants without hesitation, because at this point, really, why not? The clock-watching is a great detail, too, and it makes perfect character sense.

Lovely stuff. May there be more!
Thank you. :)

I'm glad you liked my solution as to how to have sex in the brig. I lost track of how much time I spent pondering that. Not that it was an unpleasent task. ;) I was surprised to discover that writing the sex wasn't what caused me the most fits thoughts. As you can see I'm rather obsessive about plot details and, since I am largely a canon girl, how this could successfully fit into what we know. And it was important to me to convey how easy it has become for these two to read each other so I'm glad to see you picked up on that.

Lee's great here, going for what he wants without hesitation, because at this point, really, why not?

One of the points I think fandom can agree on is that Lee had hit bottom at this point and he stopped caring about a lot of things - which wasn't really a bad thing for him. It freed him. He started to follow his instincts and stopped worrying about what everyone else thought. So, I could see this as a logical extension of that. Plus, they deserve a little fun. ;-)
I enjoyed your story. Of course I had to pretend it was Helo and Boomer in the brig, but other than the scary thought of Naked!Stands With a Fist it was very nice. :)

Wow. I feel so honored given your feelings on these characters. Thanks! :)

BTW, love the new icon.
Pulling back just slightly, his hot breath on her skin, he murmured “Laura.”

Why is there not more smutty L/L fic? Because that sentence right there, that is hot.

I really, really liked this! The beginning is a bit slow to get rolling as you set up his motivation for his actions, but once he stands up after she offers him the licorice, the story just starts sparking. You captured their chemistry so well - and Laura has a couple of fantastic lines. This made me laugh out loud:

fter a few bites, she peered up from her sandwich to see a barely controlled smile curling up at the edges of Lee’s mouth. Self-satisfied bastard


I also like how they're equals here, which is totally what I love about them. Lee isn't weak and submissive to her, and she lets herself be Laura without losing her own power. I also like that you brought up Kara.

And good handling of the bars and the guard. ;)

So, um, on-the-run-smut is next, right? *looks hopeful*

Oh oh oh and the brief little conversation at the end, before the guard comes back? I adored that.
Yay! You like it!

I appreciate all your comments, but especially the one about the beginning being a little slow. I did wonder about that. It's was something that was necessary for me to do to get into Lee's head and also the only way I saw to not have a beginning that was too abrupt. The next time around I think I'll feel more comfortable just jumping right into the smut. ;)

I have several ideas for follow ups. On-the-run-smut would be the next, of course. And I'd love to know what they discussed in that tent in 'Home'.

I think my #1 concern was that I'd be way off with the character voices. So, I'm relieved to see you could picture them saying some of the lines.

I also like that you brought up Kara.

Julia and I had some discussions about my mentions of Kara and Laura being aware of the issues between she and Lee. Honestly, I'm not sure it's that important to this particular story, but it's something I wanted to deal with later and felt it was important to hint at at here.
First of all:

“I’m not certain that you have the articles to back you up on this matter, Madam President, but far be it for me to make our current constitutional crisis any worse.”

Heeeeee. So very Lee. Wonderful. And this turn of phrase:

Self-satisfied bastard, crossed her mind.


And the whole rushed, breathless feeling of it is very hot, as is the fact that they have bars in their way. :) And the last line is perfect. Well done. :)
Coming from an excellent writer and a Lee/Kara shipper I take this as high praise. :)

The last line has largely gone unchanged since my first draft, but I worried it may come off as too cutesy. Or that I was overly obsessed with licorice as a plot point. I'm glad you liked it.

I want to read this. I should read this. You are one of my BFFs! It's the L/L part that's keeping me back. ;-)

Okay, fine. I'm off to read this. If I faint or something, I'll comment when I wake up.
Hee. Hey, I'd forgive you if you didn't. Or you can just substitute Logan and Veronica for Lee and Laura. They seem to spent their fair share of time in jail too.

Oh, and you *had* to use an L/K icon, didn't you? :p
Well, this was my first Lee/Laura fic, so I was treading carefully. But hee, I had nothing to be afraid of.

I really like how both of them are confident and comfortable enough to be themselves. And it doesn't hurt that you got their characterizations down pat.

My only quibble, the damn bars. How very uncomfortable :(
And it doesn't hurt that you got their characterizations down pat.

My number one pet peeve when reading fic is if the characterizations don't ring true for me. I've tried to read stories in which the characters have the same name, but I don't recognize them at all. It's not that I expect the voices to be perfect, but I do need to be able to envision it's the characters I know and love saying the lines. So, if I was even partially successful on my first attempt, it makes me very relieved and very happy. Thank you.

My only quibble, the damn bars. How very uncomfortable.

Hee. Yeah, I agree, but I just couldn't find away around that. I mean, would Venner be dumb enough to accidently lock them up in the same cell together? ;) Besides, they'll soon be free with no barriers between them. :-)
very nice and well written!

i must admit: i've never gotten the lee / laura thing. i think you've convinced me.
I take that as high praise from you. Hey, I'm not trying to convince anyone to jump on my ship (OK, maybe a little), but if you read this and didn't feel it was sick and wrong, I'll take it as a victory. :)

Btw, I *almost* told you about this last week, but with the state it was in at the time I was still rather nervous about it.

This is fantastic! I *adored* their flirting!!! Very hot! I look forward to reading more of your fic. :)
Yay, you did it! You SHOULD be proud. Its spot-on characterizations and adherence to canon make it not only good reading, but easy to think that it could have happened. Not to mention it was hot :)
Thank you! It's so sad. I'm happier to get positive feedback on the characterizations and canon then the hotness of the sex. :p
K. I can't read this till after I see some eps starting next January.


Has this been going on for a while? Did I know this?

Good for you!
Has this been going on for a while? Did I know this?

As I said in my other post, this started after Dragon*Con back in September. But there were some weeks I didn't even look at the thing. Only two people knew - my beta, Julia, and I mentioned it to WIS. I didn't want to make a big deal about it since I've been known to have ideas and not follow through with them. Now that I have the painful experience of getting one out of the way, they'll probably be more.
Right, I'm relatively new to the BSG ff world, and before I read this I was an L/L virgin. At first I thought I was going to be violated, simply because this is Laura and Lee, but oh, honey... You wooed me, seduced me, and by the end of the story turned me into an L/L shipper. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you. *sigh* Yet one more thing I'll now be wasting my time on...

“We’re running out of time” he whispered. He picked up speed with his hand while applying deep pressure both inside and out. “You have to come for me, Laura.”

This fic was fantastic. Really, thanks so much for this. I thought you captured both of these characters perfectly, which made the L/L all the more believable for me. Cheers!
I don't know if I should thank you or curse you.

I'd say curse, most people do. ;)

Wow. Thank you very much for the feedback. I think that may be the highest compliment you could pay me, telling me I converted you to the ship. :)
my darling, you know it's not my ship, but i have to say i still enjoyed sailing with you. i think what you wrote was very plausible within cannon, had some wonderful attention to details, and good characterizations. now, as a die-hard k/l shipper, i felt your beginning was too rushed rather than too slow, since i wasn't completely sold before things got hot in there, but that's probably a very personal thing for me. plus, i love how you got around the obstacles in their way!


now, as a die-hard k/l shipper, i felt your beginning was too rushed rather than too slow, since i wasn't completely sold before things got hot in there, but that's probably a very personal thing for me.

That's very interesting. I hadn't thought about it, but you make a good point. If you are a L/L shipper you'd be anxious to get to their relationship and, more specifically, the smut. ;) But if you're not an L/L shipper than it would make sense that you would need more build up and examination to buy it. And if you're an L/K shipper and me having mentioned Kara that would be a point of interest that you would want explored. Sruff to think about. :)
I know almost nothing about BSG or the characters, and what I do know doesn't seem to hold out much hope for a Lee/Laura relationship. ;) Still, you wrote this so I had to read it. Admittedly, your references and following of cannon were lost on me, but I did enjoy the story. You did a great job. Being brave enough to nurture your idea, bring it to fruition and then share it is well worth much praise. Good for you. I'm quite proud.
and what I do know doesn't seem to hold out much hope for a Lee/Laura relationship.

You can't let the Tenessee branch of the BSG fandom contaminate your opinion! L/K is such an obvious ship. It's like Buffy and Angel and we all know how that turned out. :p

I do appreciate you reading something you are clueless about (and why is that? why aren't you watching missy???) and your very kind words. I so seldom complete anything I set out to, I'm quite proud of me too. ;-)

I read this a few days ago, but I knew that I could only reply with mostly incoherent, um, reactions; which is why I waited a bit until actual thoughts returned.

So, here be some thoughts:

Your writing is pristinely canonical, and I can't tell you how much that enriches the story (especially since the 'ship itself is not canonical... yet *eg*). Further, the thorough and detailed attention to the canon is what makes the situation you're writing about so believable. Damn good job!

I am really, really fond of your characterization. I had absolutely no problem envisioning "your" Lee and Laura, possibly because this is exactly how I see/interpret them. Still, even if that weren't the case, I would have been won over with the detail you put into building them as characters and placing them into the state of mind that would make BrigSex! completely plausible. In other words: PWP, my ass. ;)

Speaking of the sex: WHOA!!! How dare you hold off on me like that, you minx? *g* This is just - guh. We're talking artistry here. From the flirtatious dialogue ("I suppose it would be wise to move on to parts less visible to the naked eye" - how hot and suggestive, yet how polite at the same time?!?) to the actual sex to the TALKING to get her to come *brain fizzes out temporarily* to the reality of having to clean up after... yeah, WHOA just about sums it up.

This is an incredible yet profoundly believable fic, which actually makes sense linguistically (I think). Thank you for writing it; I LOVED reading it. And oh, I really need an L/L icon!
Well, I don't know if I'm capable of coherent thought beyond thank you, thank you, thank you! What you had to say means a lot to me. I mean, I knew I could write a decent post, but the thought of writing fic and not being laughed at was quite scary so the er, warm, reception is very appreciated.

This is just - guh. We're talking artistry here.

Wow. That's some big compliment. And it's not even slash! ;) It's still amazes me that people comment on how hot the sex is, but after agonizing over writing it (and making sure it sounded physically possible) I don't think I was able to judge much anymore. Now the pressure is on for the sequel. Eek!