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My Only Slash OTP

And, yes, it involves Bamber, shut up. :p The talented, brilliant, kicks all kinds of ass sdwolfpup posted Horatio Hornblower - The Young and The Pretty and it is not only very pretty, but pretty hilarious. And so true! (Especially the part about Archie being the prettiest. ;) If you're a fan of the boys or the series you MUST check it out.

Speaking of slash, I'll have House thoughts later this evening. ;p
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Oh, thank you, that was hysterical! We've always been in agreement on slash, so it stands to reason we would make the same exception to our rule ;) That made my morning.

Looking forward to your House thoughts ;)
Ok, I got this on my guess the ljer quiz that I did earlier. I've only just read it now. And I got it right...
This has something to do with Bamber, doesn't it? I don't know what why evertbody automatically associates me with him???