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It Takes So Little To Make Me Happy

I've been contemplating the pluses and minuses of purchasing a laptop. Big minus is the price tag, especially when there is nothing wrong with my current computer. Anyway, one of the reasons I wanted one was is so I could sit in front of the TV while I type away. Not really a good reason to shell out a grand or more.

After some consideration I came to realize I spend much more time at the computer then I do lying in bed awake watching TV. So, for the low, low price of $15.00 I bought a 50 foot cable (no cable connection in the computer room) and moved the TV. I even have an extra VCR hooked up to it so I can pop in a tape if there is nothing on. And I can actually watch Buffy on FX and chat at the same time now. :) Contrary to popular opinion I am easy to please.

Other than some major grocery shopping, replanting a few plants, and the rearranging of some furniture, the TV moving constitutes my excitement for the day.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Best Buy to look at printers. And I'm supposed to see Charlie's Angels - I think. I haven't heard from Stacey since Thursday and with her plans are always in flux. We shall see.

Oh, and thanks for all the kind responses to my earlier post about revaluating my social skills. Hope no one thought I was in a funk over it. I love my alone time, I just wonder if sometimes I have too much of it. But, I've always been a loner and after 31 years it's a hard habit to break.
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Oh boy! Now we can really watch TV together. Not just at commercials. (How pathetic am I, that this is the highlight of my Toronto social calendar?)
Well, I'm honored to be the highlight of your social calendar. :)

Don't know if you or anyone else would be up for it, but I was thinking of the possibility of rewatching season 7 and having a live chat while doing it. Just a thought.
I bought a laptop yesterday. Although I don't get it until Monday.

I'm such a technology whore. I wish I could be satisfied with $15 gizmos.

But... I used to have one, and it was really necessary for school, especially if I wanted to spend weekends with my family at the cottage, and also get my homework done. And (be very proud of me for this, btw) I registered for a summer course, so I *need* it. Now I can do my homework while my professor rattles on about string tokens and things that I've already learned in three other programming languages.

I did trade in my old broken one that has been the bane of my existence since my mom checked it as luggage when it wasn't actually packed for travel and mostly stopped working. And the one I got was used, so it wasn't *too* expensive. I probably could have found one even cheaper, but I don't have the patience to spend the time looking for one, when I want it right now. Plus... this one had a DVD player for the same price as some less decked out ones. Now, I can spend even more money and watch fancy BtVS DVDs. Hmmm, maybe that's not a good idea.
I may not be very knowledgable about the technology, but I am a whore about it. I always want the newest toys. And I'm not ruling out buying a laptop. If I see a good deal, I may jump on it. It's just not a necessity and there are other things I need more.

I'm a bit pissed I couldn't find the photo printer I wanted today. I may have to order it. Though, one of the IS guys at work said I could order one through the firm and perhaps get a better deal. I'm going to look into that. And I desperately want a CD burner *but* I need an external one for my computer (it's six years old) and the ones I've seen are more than I want to spend. Guess I'll keep searching for that too.
hey, I'm just floating in from some random journal-surfing, but I was wondering...where'd your default JM&AB pic come from? it's rather darling but I can't recall seeing it in any ep...
Welcome floater! The icon isn't from any Buffy ep, but from Amber's movie 'Chance' which starred herself and James. I got it from
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Welcome floater! The icon isn't from any Buffy ep, but from Amber's movie 'Chance' which starred herself and James. I got it from <lj-user="saava">'s LJ. She's the icon queen :) and the only one I've seen do any icons for 'Chance'.
ahhh, gotcha. Explains why I didn't recognize it then :) Hey, do you know if that movie's ever gonna get some sort of wide release, or dvd treatment or something?
The last screening I heard about was at the Moonlight Rising Con in New York. I know Amber was doing the festival circuit at one point, but it didn't sound as if it was being picked up by a distributor. Best case scenerio is it's gets a DVD release in the future (haven't heard of one scheduled yet) or maybe a showing on cable. Did you catch 'Winding Roads' with James on Liftime Movies? I figure if that crappy movie got bought by a network, then 'Chance' has a chance. :)