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For the record, I've never cared for Shannon. Actually, I wanted her to die early on. But her death (I'm assuming she's not surviving a gun shot would to the chest) was such a cheap dramatic ploy. We've barely seen a relationship develop between she and Sayid and he tells her he loves her...just before she's accidently shot by the Queen Bitch of the Island. And if that isn't enough to make us feel sad and terrible, we're given a backstory in which she's screwed over by the wicked stepmother. Shannon's own bitchiness and self absorbtion apparently came about as a result of that. Whatever. Thank you JJ, you've just freed up another hour of my life.
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I just saw a glimpse as I was watching that OTHER show you don't like :D

I haven't liked it this season, really. I don't like the other group at all...they just seem silly and there's no good reason for their action, and the whole 'push the button' issue is kind of ridiculous.
The difference with VM is that I don't watch it simply because I don't care about any of the characters. I don't hate anyone, find the plotting stupid, or roll my eyes at the twists. Most importantly, it doesn't make me angry like 'Lost' did last night. If 'Invasion' had not come on immediately afterwards, I may have been tempted to throw stuff at the screen.

I should have stopped watching after the 'push the button' lunacy.
They've gotten to that point of so many 'quirky' shows (including Farscape, IMO). The point has gotten off the storytelling and onto how weird and quirky they can be.

::crosses fingers that BSG is smarter than that::

And that is a great Starbuck icon ;)
I had a feeling she was doomed the moment Sayid told her he loved her and believed her. *rolls eyes* I had hoped I was wrong, but... meh.
I guess I figured since they offed Boone already, they wouldn't kill Shannon too. As I just saw someone point out on another LJ, the show has effectively eliminated all the story potential of their plotlines. Why even have Jack and Shannon cross paths at the hospital if you have no way to follow up on it? Are they hoping that we're just easily amused by playing spot the character in the flashbacks?
Raise your hand if you rolled your eyes and thought 'Who do they think they're kidding' when Sawyer lost consciousness?
::raises hand::

That was one of the worst red herrings ever. Especially when several cast members have talked about future developments in interviews and Sawyer's name has been brought up repeatedly. :p
I say we curse him and all future spinoffs. Maybe 'Mission Impossible 3' will tank and he and Tom can go down in flames together? :)
I haven't been able to catch up on Lost since the season premiere and I've given up and am spoiling myself because I don't think I'll ever be able to get through the backlog. So--Shannon's dead, eh? Meh.
I say cleanse the TIVO and get on with your life. I haven't seen a show crash and burn like this since 'Alias'. Gee, I wonder what the connection could be? ;p
Right now I just watch for the diversion (which shows you how much excitement I have in my life), I gave up on it being compelling long ago. I wondered if they could sustain the suspense of the first ten episodes - guess they couldn't ;) I also suppose JJ Abrams is a flash in the pan, not a true talent at all. But, the show is as popular as ever, go figure.
I think one reason the show continues to do well is the same reason 'Desperate Houswives' does - people say 'Oh, it will get better.' Well, I've been burned too many times by that train of thought (JJ's other show being a prime example) so I'm getting out before I go postal on someone's ass.
I agree, on all counts. If you don't enjoy watching something, why put yourself through the aggravation? Watching TV is supposed to be for our entertainment, and if it isn't entertaning you, you have every right to tune out. I think eventually most people will come around to your way of thinking. My main problem with both of those shows is that their premises just don't be the kind that can be sustained for a long period of time. One of Joss' great strenths is his ability to have an idea each season what he wanted to do, make each season unique. He was criticized by some for those ideas, but I think time will show that his shows will stand the test of time better than DH or Lost.