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And What Did You Do This Weekend?

I have to start by saying I just got back from seeing one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. If this is playing anywhere near you, go see it NOW. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr both give career resurrecting performances and writer/director Shane Black (who burst on the scene with 'Lethal Weapon' and decided, creatively, to take a slow walk down a hill from there) proves he has genuine talent. He did resort to one over the top stunt piece in the film, but I'm willing to think it was more of a homage/in-joke considering the shots he takes at Hollywood and it's inhabitants (including referencing an incident from Downey's colorful past). The plotting is rather intricate (I wish I could have hit rewind a couple times) which tells me that Shane believes in the intelligence of the audiance and their desire to want to think. Plus, there were many laugh out loud moments. My friend was still doubled over from laughing at one particular scene long after it was over.

Now that the pimping is out of the way, I'm shocked to report I've had a rather good weekend. Maybe it's due to the relief and joy I'm experiencing at the prospect of my asshole boss who inexplicably still has his job being gone all next week. :-)

You can tell how exciting my social life is when I report that I fell asleep around 8:30 Firday night and basically slept until 8 the next morning. The good news is it gave me an unexpected burst of energy. I managed to get to the office at a decent time Saturday morning. Yes, I decided to go into work because I have to take Monday morning off, but I managed to accomplish everything I wanted to in the time I alotted myself to do it so now I'll have a stress free start to the week. Then I went to lunch with a friend of mine before shopping until I dropped (sorry raislak, I didn't get your message until late in the evening and I figured you were already doing whatever you were planning on doing). I spent the remainder of the evening perusing catalogues and web sites (I found a Jamie Bamber movie for $8! Squeeeeee!!!) looking for Christmas gift ideas while watching two films on TV. I started with Spanglish, which if you come across, keep flipping the remote. Putting aside the bad editing and medicore writing, I spent most of the movie trying to decide whether Tea Leoni's charcater would best be described as a shrew or a harpy. I followed that up with a better movie, Laws of Attraction. It wasn't a particularly funny film, but Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore had a nice chemistry and Pierce looked, well, there may have been drool involved. Too old to play James Bond my ass. :p

Today I woke up early again, even after staying up late, and managed to catch 'The Duchess and the Devil' just as you-know-who is discovered under the blanket. Anyone else watch this movie and yell at Horatio to just shut up and kiss Archie already? I really don't think it's just me. I followed that up with a couple eps of the great and, what a surprise, cancelled before it's time 'Boomtown' while doing a bit of cleaning. Then there was the movie wich you MUST see and e-mail checking (in which writteninstars once again scares me by demonstrating how in tune we are) and now I'm here spamming you all. Phew. Perhaps I should tackle the laundry before I return to my normal state of lethargy.
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I want to see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang so much, and was planning on doing it on the last day of my vacation, but it's only playing at one theater in Atlanta, more than an hour away from where I live, and I didn't have time on Friday to drive out there. Now that you've given it such a great review, I want to see it even more! I've got my fingers crossed that it will open in more theaters this weekend.
It looks like the film is slowly expanding to more theaters, so ::crosses fingers:: that it opens near you. I'm not sure if Robert will pull off a best actor nom since that looks to be a tough catagory this year, but I definitely think this will get best screenplay recognition.
I am totally going to watch Kiss, Kiss as soon as it comes anywhere near me.

Secondly, I do love scaring you. *g*
Secondly, I do love scaring you.

Between your VM obsession and my little interest in Jamie Bamber, I think we excel at scaring each other. ;-)
What's this? My VM obsession scares you? Color me shocked! And to think, I only let you graze the surface of my sickness. ;-)
well was over in your area eating dinner with other Scapers thought you might want to join. (Johnny Carlino's (sp))

Then Sunday at 2:50 pm power went out at my place. Cell phone battery beepin low at 7:00 pm (out at 11:00) Power back at 1:50am this morning. Just in time for cable/internet to go dead three minutes later.

That is what is so special about you. You always win. Its your destiny.

Join me and we'll ruler the universe together as father and....no wait that is from something else aint it.
Yay for a good weekend! But do you know what you did not do this weekend? You did not send me (or sdwolfpup, for that matter) the long-promised list of Archie/Horatio recs. I AM JUST SAYING.

I liked "Laws of Attraction," IIRC. The Ireland thing helped quite a bit. But they are certainly no Tracy and Hepburn.
You did not send me (or sdwolfpup, for that matter) the long-promised list of Archie/Horatio recs. I AM JUST SAYING.

OK, you are probably not going to believe me, but I was actually just thinking about that last night. I feel so ashamed and sad that I've let you down with my procrastination. Well, not really. In my defense I was rather preoccupied with writing Lee/Laura porn. And after watching TDatD again I started having ideas about Archie/Horatio porn. It's the porns fault if we want to point fingers.

The TV Guide description compared 'Laws of Attraction' to the screwball comedies of the 1930's. I love those comedies and this didn't even come close. But Pierce was quite nice to look at and I've seen far worse films.
Suuuuuuure. Blame the porn! Porn written is excellent, but porn recced is also a worthy pursuit. Should we not strive for balance in our lives?

I thought "Laws of Attraction" was actually a remake of a Tracy/Hepburn movie ("Pat and Mike," maybe? The one where they're both lawyers). Which was an unfortunate standard to have to live up to. But yeah, I've seen much, much worse movies. (Like last night I was watching "Daredevil" on TV, because of Jennifer Garner and her impossibly lovely hair and ridiculously toned back. Man, I'd forgotten how crap the dialogue in that movie was.)