Asta 2

It's Bamber Spam Day!

The lovely, generous, and equally obsessive wickedgillie provided me with a link last night to a video interview with Jamie posted over at the BBC site. The interview can be found here. There are no spoilers (the interview was done while filming Season 1). Still, there are some interesting tidbits including how he came to play Apollo, his thoughts on the character, and the complexities involved in Lee and Kara's relationship. Plus, he looks darn cute. ;)
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no question he looks adorable! makes me just want to cuddle him within an inch of his life. and of course, i could listen to him talk all day :)

glad you liked it!!!
I just love how honest he is too. Admiting that he was not happy working on 'Ultimate Force' so he headed to LA during his shooting break to find something else. Lucky us! :)
ah, but that kind of honesty is a two-edged sword since somebody *cough*bamber*cough* gave away waaaay too much in his now infamous spoiler-heavy interview which i read before someone remembered to put their spoiler-warning on it.