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More Spam! Not Bamber Related!

I'm trying to challenge brynnmck for most spammage today. ;) I'm also trying to avoid the wrath of cathyteach2 by reminding everyone that there is a New Episode of 'House' Tonight. And a little birdy told me (OK, my mom) that Hugh Laurie is supposedly scheduled to be on 'The Jay Leno Show' tomorrow night.
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Oh sweet baby Jesus, there's an icon?! Thank god I wasn't drinking anything...

In any case... yes. For you, I would brave Michigan. (And we actually have a lot of friends in Minnesota, so a side trip would not be out of the question.) But wouldn't it be much easier for you and danceswithwords to come hang out in Seattle with me and sdwolfpup? Two of us in the same city--I think we win. ;)